Umm… Catherine Is Working, Meghan But She Also Has Three Children Under 10 Who Happen To Be On Break From School…


Catherine is one of the hardest-working royals, Meghan, and you don’t get to criticise her.

Oli Smith of The Express reports that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is a bludger. According to the publication’s source, the tabloid US Weekly, the mother-of-three “is not working hard enough”. *gasps* Did we say, “tabloid”? Yes, we did. Man, the Sussex PR firms must brainstorm ideas at lightspeed on how to rubbish a future Queen Consort.

Before we continue, we’re not criticising the Express or the journalist who wrote the piece.

Meghan feeds the PR machine with whatever fictional rubbish she can conjure up to keep herself relevant. She’s going after Catherine’s work ethic because she doesn’t want the world to see her own “work” as anything less.

Though, we question Meghan’s work ethic all the time. Look at her 40×40 project. Her announcement video was filmed in an office setup where she preaches to rich women to ‘mentor’ a woman for forty minutes to honour her 40th birthday. She was never going to mentor someone herself. After all, she sees other women who she deems lesser than her to be dirt under her shoes.

Catherine and William are hands-on with their children like Diana was with her sons.

Also, does Meghan not realise that the kids would be on school holidays, meaning their parents want to spend with time with them?

Catherine’s Success Exceeds Anything Meghan Thinks She Has Done

Meghan doesn’t know the true definition of success. Catherine, however, does. Her book, Hold Still was a massive success. 

The Bench, Meghan’s children’s book only sold three thousand copies in its first week, according to Holly Fleet from Express.

Catherine also doesn’t go to the press every time she is told ‘no’. Meghan craves attention and will pull out whatever card she can, regardless of how true it is.

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