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Chronicles Of Harkle: Don’t $h!t On My Country, Meghan!

Australian Tour

Get lost, Me-Gain! – Again, I know I’m breaking my hiatus! Anyway, I felt this was way too important to dismiss. A recent story came out in the Australian media, mostly, from Daniela Elser, where she alleges that Meghan Markle HATED the Australian tour in 2018. The report comes from Tina Brown’s newest book, The Palace Papers, where the then-pregnant Duchess of Sussex complained the tour was ‘pointless.’ I’ve seen at least one Aussie publication agreeing with her, but whatever. We can’t all agree.

Anyway, I’m breaking my hiatus because I want to vocalise my disgust. If Meghan didn’t want to go on the tour, she should’ve stayed in the UK. But, no. She wanted the attention, and there’s no way in hell that Harry would’ve been allowed to go on his own. Also, this is not me being biased in any way. Yes, I dislike her, but it’s a whole other level when my home country is disrespected.

The Australian government and the taxpayers of this humble Commonwealth country forked out millions for the visit. People took their kids out of school and had days off work so that they could greet the newlyweds when they arrived in Sydney. But then, all the horror stories started trickling out and gaining momentum in the Megxiteer community. The tea throwing and the swearing at Lady Cosgrove were just two rumours that emerged.

When Kensington Palace’s bullying probe was put into force, it genuinely surprised me that they would use the allegations from the Australian Tour as part of their investigation, as mentioned in the Sun UK by Ben Griffiths in 2021. So, to me, that seems like the allegations are true. Why else would they be included?

Why Come At All?

I don’t care if Harry had come out by himself. Thinking back on it, it would’ve been better as this was when he was sane. If Meghan hated the Australian Tour so much, why didn’t she return to the UK? She could’ve come up with some excuse.

Also, let’s not forget she was representing the Queen. You know the woman she named her daughter after while also trashing her entire family and calling them racists? One thing struck me as particularly golden. She claims to respect Her Majesty. Remember her “I love grandmothers!” crap on the Oprah Interview?

I remember hearing that Meghan and her then-best friend, Jessica Mulroney, treated the tour like a holiday rather than a work trip. I’ve heard an assortment of stories regarding all the holidays Markle took in the eighteen months she was a working royal.

The Australian Tour mirrored Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s tour in 1983, the year before Harry’s birth in 1984. Also, the 2018 trip is the one Harry claimed his family was jealous of ‘what a good job Meghan did.’

This tale is a direct retelling of Prince Charles’s jealousy of Diana’s rising popularity during their tour. However, Harry made out that the entire family was envious of his wife, not just one person. Or, he could’ve been taking a swipe at his father and/or brother.

I would love to know how Harry would’ve known this. William was too young to remember it, and Diana wouldn’t have told him about such a private struggle as she would his brother. If I had time to divulge this thought right now, I would. When I return from my hiatus, I’ll do a post on it as it is a recent addition to my list of upcoming posts.

Australian Tour Disrespect

People loved having Harry and Meghan come out here. I know I was delighted to have them embrace our country. After all, they were representing the monarchy in a modern way. However, it turned out to be nothing by a dishonour. I’ve seen multiple people, such as Australian YouTubers and television personalities, scoff at the pair.

While often woke and too overly opinionated for my liking, Sky News covers the Sussexes quite a bit. They’re usually as spot-on as the UK news outlets are. Recently, Entertainment journalist Peter Ford had some rather unsavoury things to say about Harry and Meghan on The Morning Show.

With the Australian Tour is disrespectful to pretend you loved every second and then turn to the next person and say you hated it. The government allowed you into the country, free of charge, and then you crap on us. Also, if you hated the visit, why announce your pregnancy on your arrival? Couldn’t you have waited?

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