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Chronicles Of Harkle: Harry Has Made His Bed And Now He Needs To Lay In It!


Harry should now see that his bed was made when he left the UK for Hollywood – Yes, I’m not too fond of the Sussexes. I would NEVER wish harm on any of them. However, my opinions regarding their ideals have changed. Do I believe that Harry had a right to leave his family? Only under extreme circumstances, but I think Meghan had some part in convincing him. I do NOT believe that there was anything racist going on. A while ago, I did a post about how Markle’s comments on racism in the monarchy were flawed due to her multicultural wedding.

I stand by everything I wrote then. Meghan’s belief that the monarchy was racist towards her because she is biracial shows what an unrealistic person she is. Ultimately, this is the way of thinking Harry has always had, too, and it’s unfortunate. He didn’t realise that he made his bed when he wanted out of royal life. He only pushed himself deeper into the hole he dug for himself the more he took swipes at his family.

The bed Harry initially was lying in involved him being included in his father and brother’s reigns. However, this has changed the more he criticised his family on an international platform. Going back to Meghan’s comments, she has corrupted Harry, but she has also exposed him as a man-child like his Uncle Andrew is.

We all know that Prince Andrew has never enjoyed playing the second fiddle to Prince Charles. The same can be said for Harry, and he has just begun to wake up to how irrelevant he is to his brother’s future. Since William now has three children who are the monarchy’s future, his younger brother is less critical.

Pushed To The Side

The Platinum Jubilee has shown Harry what his bed has become since the Diamond Jubilee. At the previous event, he was on the balcony with his grandmother, father, stepmother, brother and sister-in-law. However, this time he was not, as it was only restricted to working royals and their children.

This would’ve had to sting for Harry, and it gets even more enjoyable. The media has called Harry and Meghan second-row royals. This is due to where they were sitting in Saint Paul’s during the service of thanksgiving. A large portion of the working royals, except Edward and Sophie, were seated on one side. The less relevant ones on the other.

I’ve heard that the Queen personally signed off on the seating chart. I’m not sure whether that is true, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it were. Having the Sussexes placed away from anyone with a high profile was the perfect move. It limits the couple’s power.

This move would’ve been like a cultural shock to Harry. He is so used to being with his brother that he never thought he would be regarded as a second-tier royal.

Harry, The Bed Has Been Made. Now, You Need To Deal With The Consequences Of Your Actions

What Harry was not expecting was the cold response to his presence. The moment he decided to leave his life behind for a less flashy one in the US, his bed had been made. His sense of entitlement made him believe that when he went back, there would still be a place for him in the same capacity. However, as it turns out, he overestimated his position. How can he and Meghan expect a warm welcome from the family they trashed? This line of thinking goes hand-in-hand with their level of delusion.

Harry and Meghan’s only delight was deploying their bots to create drama involving the Cambridges. I’ve seen plenty of people on Twitter say that the stuff involving Prince Louis’s little tantrum was enough to push the Sussex Squad to attack. I happen to agree, and it all starts with Omid Scobie. I’ll post on this later, but the weekend was going so well until Scobie saw the footage of Catherine pulling Louis into line.

The Cambridges are fair parents who do not appreciate their children playing up in public. However, when Harry was about Louis’ age, Harry played up a lot, and Diana often had to pacify his behaviour in public.

Diana; meltdown; bed
[Credit: Woman & Home]

The Sussex Squad would say that this photo is merely Harry being cheeky. However, given the look on Diana’s face, I don’t think so.

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