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The Curtsy + Don’t F*** With Shallon Lester

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry messed with the wrong woman. Shallon Lester was the deputy editor of Star magazine, and she became cannon fodder for the Harry & Meghan Netflix series. She was one of three YouTubers dubbed as villains allegedly setting up “smear campaigns” against the former actress. Now, there are NO smear campaigns against the self-exiled royal couple. The other that I recognised was Australian Sky News commentator Daisy Cousens. I didn’t know the second one. Before I go over the drama involving Shallon, I wanted to go over a clip of Meghan doing a curtsy.

Kinsey Schofield, a friend of Project Fangirl, posted a clip from a Suits episode to Twitter. It was from Season 2, when Meghan, in her character of Rachel Zane, did a curtsy. One of Kinsey’s followers, EmiliHRH, sent it to her. I remember seeing the clip a while ago, but I didn’t know where it came from. So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s the curtsy Tweet.

[Credit: Kinsey Schofield – Twitter/sent by EmiliHRH]

The Curtsy

This debunks Meghan’s two stories (one of Oprah, the second on the docuseries), where she claimed she didn’t know how to curtsy. First, she told Oprah that Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson had to give her a quick lesson. Then, during the series, she claimed an entirely different story where she did what she dubbed a medieval curtsy when it was a bow. Not sure what I’m talking about?

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[Credit: Leicester Mercury]

The image above is from Harry & Meghan. As you can see, Harry is not happy that his wife is mocking his grandmother. Anyway, let’s jump over to what is happening with Shallon.

Let’s Talk About Shallon Lester

So, Shallon Lester. She is not a woman you want to cross since she knows the ins and outs of tabloid journalism. She is unafraid to tell people what she thinks. I, personally, am not a fan of Shallon as she has a seemingly unhealthy habit of bagging on Selena Gomez. Or at least, she did years ago. Not to mention, I don’t care what Selena Gomez did. I’m not interested in hearing about her woes. Also, if you’re uncertain whether she can be trusted, check out her LinkedIn profile. Though, I do not know if the information is recent.

In all honesty, I would put her in the same category as Piers Morgan and Alan Jones. But I admire her for speaking up about being seen as a villain in the “hate campaign” against Meghan Markle. Shallon has explained on multiple occasions that Star Magazine stories were often true regarding celebrities. However, with the royals as it was often challenging to get palace officials to spill the beans.

What Shallon Reveals About Meghan’s Association With The Press

When Meghan Markle became Prince Harry’s girlfriend, it became a different game. Stories started leaking to Star Magazine and U.S. Weekly, where the actress was a source for many of the articles written about her. Baroness Bruck posted this extract from one of Shallon’s videos to Twitter:

[Credit: @baronessbruck – Twitter]

Shallon says in this clip that she has seen Meghan’s driver’s licence, which says she is caucasian. She is only black when it suits her. Now, I don’t know how driver’s licences in the U.S. work. In Australia, our race isn’t included. I know because I have one.

The Bouzy Factor

Shallon is understandably pissed because Christopher Bouzy implied during episode five of the docuseries that some “trolls”, which, according to his understanding, include influencers and content creators who don’t share a favourable opinion on the Sussexes.

Shallon wasn’t the only content creator who was featured during the docuseries. According 2Taz and Meghan’s Mole, both had tweets shown, but because their Twitter accounts are still active, their names were blurred out. The Duchess of Narsussex had tweets shown too, but her account was suspended some time ago, so allegedly, it was okay for her name to be displayed.

Thank You, Duchess Of Narsussex

Duch is the whole reason I’m writing this post. A few days ago, she mentioned in a video that three YouTubers, who she thought were actors, were being paid by Netflix to shame Meghan. As I said before, Shallon and Daisy were the only ones of the three that I recognised. Initially, I wasn’t going to say anything about it, but I kept seeing Shallon’s video extracts pop up on Twitter and went with it.

By the sounds of it, Shallon wants to sue. Why would she want to do that? Because Christopher Bouzy is defaming her by implying she is part of some conspiracy network like QAnon. She mentions this in a recent video.

More On Bot Sentinel

Shallon also mentioned that she was not asked for comment. Now, I believe there might’ve been a reason why these three YouTubers were singled out. They have high follower numbers that stem over into the hundreds of thousands and massive online profiles. It’s surprising that, given the mention of the Bot Sentinel report that Taz, Murky Meg and Yankee Wally weren’t referenced.

compulsive liar
[Credit: The Mirror]

Before I end this post, I want to say that I agree with Shallon when she says that Meghan and Harry are not likeable people. All they do is whine and complain, and they use people. In some cases, they feign innocence of something they’ve done in the past and then blame someone else.

One example is when Meghan feigned that she had no idea what the tabloids were. But, of course, we know this was a total lie because a) there’s a photo of her holding a tabloid magazine with Catherine on the cover, which claims she’s having twins, and b) Shallon has insider goss.

I did hear that the editor of the magazine (the woman in the photo) allowed Meghan to write an article for the magazine. I’m unsure whether this is true, but it shows that Meghan was not as clueless as she proclaimed.

In conclusion, I will be doing another article on the Shallon stuff, as it’s fascinating to have an insider spilling the beans on more of Meghan’s media-related B.S.

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