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Chronicles Of Harkle: Exposing Meghan – What Tom Bower’s Book Reveals About The Actress’ Grand Plan To Snag Harry

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What was Meghan Markle’s grand plan to snag a rich husband? Tom Bower is exposing a ton about the type of person Meghan Markle is, and it is truly delicious. I’ve already covered unconfirmed rumours, the Spencer family’s reaction and revelations from stuff I’ve read so far. So, in this CoH article, I will explore Markle’s grand plan to snag a rich husband, mainly Harry. I’ve also written about Meghan’s Hollywood friends and their use of her to grow their brands.

I’m also going to cover how she has been able to keep him under her thumb this whole time. Before I begin, I will not be going into her background while she was married to Trevor Engelson, though I reference one aspect related to Meghan’s patterns when she pulls men into her web.

This post does contain spoilers for Revenge. Also, the version of the book my information is cited from is the Apple Books edition. Finally, there might be things that I end up leaving out, but it will not be on purpose. If I remember something, I might do another post on it.

Controlling The Narrative – Prologue To Grand Plan

We know Meghan is a total control freak. She has plans upon plans. As I stated in another article, Markle is like Emperor Sheev Palpatine from Star Wars, who had dozens of plans in place in case one was to go south.

One passage from Revenge reads:

An essential ingredient of her trajectory had been that her story should be told on her terms. Controlling the narrative was essential to her success.

Tom Bower – Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between The Windsors – “Preface”

Now, Meghan’s need for control is essential to her bagging Harry. The reason is that if any doubt were planted in his mind when they met, the entire grand plan would fall apart instantly.

Harry and William were taught from a young age that some girls would attempt to use them for their position to gain status for themselves. Clearly, one understood the assignment, and the other brushed it off, thinking he was being careful when acting on impulse.

In Chapter 1 of Revenge, Ninaki Priddy, Meghan’s former childhood best friend, said the following:

She always wanted to be famous. She just loved being the centre of attention.

Ninaki “Nikki” Priddy – Revenge – “Chapter 1: Thomas”

Just Nikki’s quote alone shows what a manipulator Meghan is. She knew her BFF was hungry for fame. Having a lighting director for a father who would do anything for her is already a massive red flag. She also had to ensure that everyone around her was loyal enough not to out her as a fraud.

Creating The Mask

According to Nikki, Meghan’s home life forced her to become tough. Her sister, Samantha, was no longer living at home, hence why she saw herself as an only child. Ninaki remembers:

She was tough, too. If you rubbed her up the wrong way, she’d make it known with the silent treatment. There was a time when we were about seven and I’d collected a bunch of insects. She didn’t want to play with them. We spent two hours sitting at opposite ends of the garden with our backs to each other in silence. I’d always be the first to apologise. I just wantd to be besties again. She was stubborn. She digs her heels in the ground.

Nikki Priddy – Revenge – “Chapter 1: Thomas”

This is telling for a couple of reasons:

  • Even young, Meghan would stop talking to people if she didn’t get her way.
  • She never apologised for something she did; it had to be the other person. So for example, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, had to apologise for being upset during bridesmaid fittings when her daughter was bullied.

The tactics would later fuel her constant victim narrative, leading Harry to defend her at every turn.

Creating The Empathic Persona

As a child, Meghan was a genuinely kind kid. She helped people out at school and became their saviour – so to speak – if they were bullied or receiving mistreatment. However, this would later change in her adult years as Nikki observed Meghan made more of a name for herself.

Her empathic persona would continue to form when she would claim to have single-handedly gotten Procter & Gamble to change a sexist advert. However, her father had pulled some strings to get a small television station to film and air Meghan’s reaction to the ad.

She should have been told when she was older that she never got a response from Hillary Clinton or P&G. Her dad stoked her ego to make her think she was special. What parent doesn’t want their child to feel that way? Also, Tom Bower discovered that Meghan retelling this story to women at ABC Studios made her gain popularity.

Honestly, this was possibly the beginning of Meghan gaining her massive ego. She still believes that people will listen to her because she “convinced” a big corporation to change their sexist advert when hundreds of complaints were doing the same thing.

Cheating Her Way To The Top Of Her Grand Plan

So, moving over to Meghan’s first marriage for a moment. There is speculation that she cheated on Trevor and then on Cory Vitiello. But, Markle is one of these people who doesn’t do something without having checked to ensure she can jump through the next hoop.

To snag Harry, she had to line everything up and ensure everything was going to work out before she got Violet von Westenholz to set her up with the prince. At the same time, she was coming out of a relationship with Cory.

Now, there is speculation that Meghan jumped from Trevor to Cory. I can’t find anything from my notes on the book so far that suggests this. However, it is implied that Meghan cheated on Trevor with a Suits costar. It was further referenced in an interview she did with Patrick J Adams with Larry King when they were asked if they were sleeping together. Adams denies any romantic entanglement, but the look on Meghan’s face tells a different story.

It is rumoured that Meghan cheated on Cory with several men. One of those men is rumoured to be Rory McIlroy, the Irish golfer. It is also believed that Meghan’s relationship with Harry started at the tail end of her relationship with Cory.

Further Explanation

I saw someone question whether Patrick was dating his then-girlfriend, Troian Bellisario, at the time while the alleged affair. I’m not sure, but I did a little digging. Troian and Patrick broke up briefly after his one-episode appearance on Pretty Little Liars. Now the episode he appeared in was the fifth episode of Season 1, which aired in 2010. Suits didn’t premiere until 2011.

Suits was added to the 2010-2011 USA Network broadcast schedule. The pilot, which was shot in New York, is the only episode on location, whereas the rest of the series was shot in Toronto, Canada. The casting took place in 2010.

I’ll let the reader know if an alleged affair occurred when Troian and Patrick had broken up or when they were still together. I’m not implying anything happened; it’s just an implication made by someone else. All I am doing is trying to piece information together.

John Fitzpatrick

A man named John Fitzpatrick is bought up a lot during Revenge, and it is implied a few times that something might have happened between him and Meghan. Whatever the case was, he was being used for Markle’s benefit. He even invited her to an event where Liam Neeson was present, and the actor would later deny knowing Meghan, despite photographic proof.

Anyway, moving away from Revenge for a moment and there was media coverage, including by Irish Central, where it is alleged that Fitzpatrick attended the 2018 wedding. I can find no reference to Fitzpatrick on the guest list. Also, I want to point out that Meghan is NOT Irish as Irish Central claims. She has never identified as such either. For those confused, Meghan’s paternal family is of Irish descent due to one of her many great-grandmothers being Irish.

The mentioned publication also claimed that the psychic foresaw that the wedding would end in disaster, which it didn’t.

Pretending To Care About Charity Work

Meghan knew the type of man she wanted. But, any relationship she got in had to be on her terms. Everything had to be approved by her, and the man had to do EVERYTHING she wanted. She wanted a wealthy English man. This is a claim bought forward by Lizzie Cundy. Also, if she was going to appeal to any man she could get her claws into, she had to appear genuine and caring. So, she decides to do charity work with World Vision Canada. If I remember correctly, she had cut ties with UN Women by this time but was acting like she was working for them.

According to Tom Bower, she took a whole crew of people to Rwanda, including hair, makeup and a photographer. So, the photos taken from that trip, which included the now iconic one of Meghan posing like Princess Diana with the sunglasses down the front of her shirt, were a publicity stunt.

The stunt was pulled to add something to her non-existent ‘philanthropic’ portfolio. She would later tell Harry about her ‘work’ to empower women and her ‘fight’ against P&G.

Markus Anderson And Violet von Westenholz

Two people important to Harry and Meghan’s introduction are Markus Anderson and Violet Von Westenholz. Markus Anderson has always been a big part of Meghan’s grand plan to get Harry under her thumb.

Markus introduced Meghan to Princess Eugenie, who is close to Harry and happens to be her cousin. The pair are still tight today, and it’s believed that the youngest of Prince Andrew’s daughters is leaking information to the Sussexes.

Violet, I would assume, met Meghan at Soho House. She is also a friend of Harry’s from his childhood. It was widely believed that Misha Nonoo set Meghan and Harry up. Though, Violet’s name has been tossed around. Revenge confirms that it was Violet who did the matchmaking.

In conclusion, Meghan wrestled her way into Harry’s social circle and used people to get close to him. She saw him as the perfect father for her children; they would be her forever meal ticket as she needed to make money to continue living her wealthy lifestyle.

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