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Tane Gets Hit Around The Head And Cash In Danger! + A New Romance?

Tane Cash Harper
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Continuing from our previous post, Cash clutches Stevie as she clings to life while his former brother-in-law, Tane, sees the stalker and chases after him and is hit in the head, allowing the guy to get away.

Stevie is rushed to the hospital, but she dies, much to the devastation of Remi. Bree had promised to save her. At the Surf Club, Alf is forced to keep everyone calm, but one of the actors starts believing everything he’s been reading.

Nelson, the director, is worried about Stevie and after a chat with Alf, regains his composure, despite one of the characters making all high and mighty.

Meanwhile, Eden goes with Remi to the hospital while Felicity remains behind. After her call with Tane is cut unexpectedly, she goes looking and finds him passed out on the beach, worried, she calls Cash.

Sometime later, Cash returns home after learning from Bree of Stevie’s death, and finds the stalker and his shotgun waiting for him.

The Incoming Romance, Baby And A Possible Departure?

Is there a baby on the horizon for Tane and Harper? It would look that way. A new promo for upcoming episodes takes us inside Tane’s baby kidnapping trial. His friend and client, Harper is there too, but to speak against him as she and her sister, Dana, have been called to testify against him.

We’ve known for a while that Harper and Tane had crushes on each other as the gym owner kissed her after his marriage to Felicity broke down. Recent set photos have revealed that there is more to this potential romance; a baby.

Tane Has Always Wanted To Be A Dad

Tane has always wanted to be a dad. He took good care of the baby he found in the dunes, but became too attached. Now he is facing prison time for her kidnapping.

As referenced, recent set pictures reveal Harper ends up pregnant and it looks like the father is Tane. However, Yahoo! Lifestyle makes a good point when they say that a baby on Home and Away, often leads to character departures. For example, Dean and Ziggy left after Izzy was born. Tori left a year after her daughter Grace was born.

Another more tragic example we can use is the death of Katarina Chapman and her baby. They were killed in a high-speed chase the year Sam Frost’s character, Jasmine, came to the Bay.

While it is in the realm of possibility given Ethan Browne’s contract was likely renewed as a standard contract on the show is three years. His first appearance was in 2020. It’s now 2024. It’s been four years since his introduction. However, Jessica Redmayne (Harper) only arrived last year.

For all we know, it could be a surrogacy arrangement. However, given how close Tane and Harper have become, if Tane does leave, then where does that put Harper and the baby?

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