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Why Meghan Markle’s Message Is Fading Into The Background

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Has this become a daily thing? It’s Wednesday here in Australia, and I’ve written at least one Chronicles of Harkle post a day for the past three days. Something came up when I hoped I could get away with not having to write about the hazardous, toxic duo. So, we’ve got another Meghan whinge fest, and the message she is attempting to flog this time is “not use sexuality as a tool” and “don’t slut shame.” Of course, this is all background noise, as no one gives a flying eff about what she says.

For a woman who claims she had an impoverished childhood where she had to live off $4.99 salads at Sizzler, she does love to push her factual background into, well the background. But, unfortunately, her words ring hollow. Everyone sees her for who she truly is. She’s a social climber who was only ever in it for the fame and the title.

I’m one of many people who has been called racist. Why? Because I don’t follow the ideology of Meghan “I’m a victim of structural racism” Markle. I’m caucasian, and I’d never deny that. I also know who I am. Markle does not. However, the world of the rich, woke folk sees me, a white woman, as a bigot, implying I don’t have the right to talk about anything. But this is not about me. Not for a second.

Meghan And Her Message Fade Into The Background

This is about a woman who cannot pick which ethnicity she is. Is she white, or is she black? She is both. However, she doesn’t identify as caucasian any longer because t doesn’t suit her narrative of being a victim of racism. In her eyes, she is a woman of colour. Screw her whiteness. She probably thinks in her juvenile mind that her mother gave birth to her like Shmi Skywalker gave birth to Anakin Skywalker. Ugh.

Meghan and her woke message have started to fall on deaf ears, and she’s panicking deep down. How do I know this? Well, she’s trying to counter everything the Waleses are doing by attending similar events. Look at what she and her husband are doing with the RFK Foundation. They’ve bought an award that they will be given four days after the Earthshot Prize in Boston happens.

While the Sussexes have appeared in the media almost every day since they left the UK in 2020, it has gotten to the point where we cannot get any form of peace from them. They want to be seen as important world ambassadors, but how can they be when they shat all over their families? This is the whole reason why a large number of world leaders don’t want anything to do with them because they don’t want to be recorded.

The Sussexes live in a paranoid world where no one judges them and applauds their actions as standing up for the little people. What little people? Do you mean the rich people they have to pay to like them? Yeah, that sounds about right. The background noise is all Meghan, and Harry will be. Think of their role in the royal family as being on a television or film production. They are extras, while The King and Queen Consort are the stars and the working royals are the supporting act.

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