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Is She Really? Sheila’s Dead… But Is This The End Or Yet Another

Sheila Dead

Ding dong, the Wicked… oops! We mean the Sheila witch’s dead. No, that is not a Wizard of Oz reference. Sheila Carter, the longtime tormentor of the Forrester, Logan and Spencer families, is dead. Steffy Forrester Finnegan stabbed her in an act of self-defence. But this stunt has been pulled before. She supposedly died in a fire while she was trying to kill Lauren Fenmore on The Young and the Restless. Then, she faked her death by cutting off one of her toes.

Sheila has tried many times to be “good”, like saving Steffy and Liam Spencer’s daughter, Kelly Spencer, from drowning. However, her constant need to play victim gets tiresome.

However, a leopard cannot change its spot, and the vendetta against Steffy, in particular, would never end. Sheila believes that if Steffy were out of the way, Finn would love her and give her access to Hayes. That is how her delusional mind works and even Deacon Sharpe, her “fiancée” and Hope Logan’s father, can see how dangerous she is.

Deacon and Sheila are nothing alike.

Sharpe never tried to kill anyone. He has even gained the begrudging respect of his former son-in-law, Liam, which is something to behold. At least Deacon tries. Sheila does no such thing. When she is slighted, she complains that people don’t respect her. Let’s not forget that she broke into Steffy and Finn’s house when Hayes was a baby so that she could see him.

However, Sheila has attempted to murder multiple people over the years. She robbed Steffy, Thomas and Phoebe of their mother, Taylor, for many years. So perhaps having Sheila dead isn’t such a bad thing. Also, Kimberlin Brown, who has played the character for almost 35 years, said she was glad Steffy killed the character, though Tanner Novlan did interviews when Finn was supposedly killed off, and it turned out to be a farce to keep the surprise of Finn’s survival under wraps until the scenes aired.

The whole storyline could be a farce within itself. Sheila may not be dead, and she could be framing Steffy for murder. She could potentially have taken a drug to slow her heart rate down to make it look like she was dead. She could have been wearing blood bags. Who knows.

She hates Steffy because she believes she’s keeping Finn and Hayes away from her. Finn’s decisions are his own. However, he did defend her recently when his wife called her an ‘animal’. We’ll have to wait to see what the aftermath will be. Could it be the opening that Liam needs to get his ex-wife and “true love” back?

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