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The Bold And The Beautiful: Brooke And Taylor Choose Themselves – How Long Will It Last?

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It was a run for freedom for Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes in this week’s batch of Bold and the Beautiful episodes. Outside of their daughters, Steffy Forrester Finnegan and Hope Logan Spencer bickering over which of the fab ladies Ridge would choose, the chemist and the doc have decided they don’t want their baby fashion designer daddy.

After years of in-fighting, Brooke and Taylor decided to break the cycle of being Mrs Ridge Forrester. They wanted their freedom. Good on them! Not so long ago, the doc was crying like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Now, she has liberated herself from the man she has always dubbed the love of her life despite playing second fiddle to his “destiny.”

The most significant part about the run to freedom for Taylor and Brooke is telling Ridge they don’t need him. However, the most critical moment is their walking out of the office hand in hand and then high-fiving when they’ve left the room.

Meanwhile, Steffy and Hope bicker over who Ridge will choose. The first time they do, their respective husbands walk in before they can start ripping each other’s hair out. They both want their mothers to be happy. The second time they fight, Finn is present when the girls realise they haven’t heard back from their mothers.

Texting them, they get the shock of their lives that they’re both back at Brooke’s house. They rush out and end up at Logan Mansion. They feel something’s wrong for their warring mothers to be in the same place. The girls run through the door to find Brooke and Taylor with pieces of cake in their hands.

Remembering what happened at Hope and Liam’s last family wedding a few years back (when Hunter Tylo played Taylor), Steffy and Hope order them to put the cake down. Their mothers laugh and say they’re going to eat the cake, not throw it at each other. Brooke and Taylor explain they have given up their rivalry and will no longer be fighting each other for Ridge. They continue by saying that they don’t want him anymore. Since he cannot decide who he wants, they decide to have freedom by choosing themselves. Hence, taking the decision out of his hands.

The girls surprisingly support the move and share cake with their mothers. We want to know if the truce between Taylor and Brooke will last long-term.

Knowing how The Bold and the Beautiful operates, we don’t think it will last. Why? Well, it will be the same as the “Thomas has changed for the better” crap they’ve been spoon-feeding us since he returned to the scene after his botched wedding to Zoe Buckingham. He never changed and got better at hiding his obsession with Hope and his fantasy of having her be his wife. He keeps saying that he is a one-woman man. But he does realise how much like Bill Spencer he sounds.

Whatever the case, Taylor and Brooke dodged a bullet because whatever Ridge was going to say wouldn’t have changed anything. However, we believe the women will be back pulling each other’s hair in no time. Why? Because the writers cannot bring themselves to separate themselves from a storyline that has been running for over 35 years.

While Taylor did not start on the show from the start, she was instrumental to the story upon her arrival in 1990. Brooke has been in the show since the first episode in 1987. Since 1990, it has been a constant back and forth between the two women, and it has been so stupid. At least, the one with Steffy and Hope ended after close to a decade. However, if something were to happen to Finn, we can almost predict that it would return to the love triangle.

The whole reason Finn was bought in was to break that love triangle up. Returning to the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor thing, it must end, but it won’t. It’s clear what they’re trying to do. Can’t the writers read the room when it comes to the fans? They have nothing original to offer. All they can do is throw mud at the wall and hope it sticks.

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