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Speculating On What New Elements Could Be Included In The PJO Disney+Series

The casting of Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hermes in the upcoming PJO television series surprised many fans as the character didn’t appear until Sea of Monsters. Fellow god Hephaestus doesn’t appear until The Titans Curse. So, what gives? That’s what we will explore in this PJO television series post. Since the NYCC panel has just happened, we know much more about the show from the panel.

Also, this post allows us to predict what we may see from the show.

How Percy Jackson And Grover Underwood Meet

The Lightning Thief book doesn’t tell us exactly how Percy and Grover meet. All we’re told is they become friends when Percy starts attending Yancy Academy, and he has to defend Grover from bullies like Nancy Bobofit and her cronies.

From what the NYCC panel reveals from a narration from Walker Scobel (Percy), we’ll see how this meeting went down where the boys bond over a card game involving mythological characters, which has been theorised heavily online as being Mythomagic, which is bought into the books in Titan’s Curse by Nico Di Angelo.

Having this in the show is likely one of the new changes that Rick Riordan has spoken about, which keeps to overall narrative of the PJO: The Lightning Thief.

The New Introduction To Hermes

Hermes, PJO
[Credit: Disney Press]

We don’t know why Hermes was introduced in Season 1 of the PJO television series. However, the image revealed at NYCC may give us a clue.

You cannot see it in this version of the picture, but Hermes has poker chips in front of him. He’s in the Lotus Hotel and Casino in episode 6, “We Take a Zebra to Vegas.” The information on the Riordanverse Fandom site isn’t there yet, but we believe Hermes might be the ticket to getting Percy, Annabeth and Grover out of the Lotus Hotel.

However, there is one thing we’re not sure about whether there will be any hint of Luke’s true nature before the final two episodes. Book readers may remember that Luke hated his father and wanted the gods to suffer for siring children and forgetting about them.

It’s possible that Hermes is there physically, or he could be an illusion.


[Credit: Disney Press]

Hephaestus’ involvement in the PJO TV show was a bigger surprise than Hermes was. While we know he’s responsible for the trap in the Tunnel of Love ride, his appearance in person wasn’t what we expected.

As with Hermes, it is possible that Hephaestus is there physically. Or he could be an illusion to ensure that his trap caught Ares and Aphrodite.

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