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SUSSEX THEORY: Is Meghan Markle Using Coercive Control On Prince Harry?

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This post might be deemed controversial to some. But after listening to the Hannah’s Story podcast and researching Hannah Clarke’s murder, something clicked. Is Meghan Markle using coercive control on Prince Harry? For those new to Project Fangirl, we talk a LOT about the Sussexes and calling them out on their lies and hypocrisy.

It has long been agreed upon that Meghan Markle is a narcissist. This is what family murderer Rowan Baxter was deemed to be by Nikki Brooks, the best friend of Hannah Clarke. He was vain, controlling was the “alpha male,” as dubbed by Nat Clarke, Hannah’s brother, amongst others. Please bear in mind this is all ALLEGED!

Coercive Control Checklist

As we researched Hannah’s story, we found that many of the points on the coercive control checklist matched what Meghan did to Prince Harry. According to Relationships Australia Queensland, the list goes as follows:

  • Isolating from friends and family
  • Withholding affection
  • Making all the decisions
  • Discouraging from having hobbies or goals
  • Monitoring activity
  • Stalking
  • Gaslighting
  • Restricting autonomy
  • Controlling the body
  • Degradation
  • Financial control
  • Jealousy and possessiveness
  • Reinforcing traditional gender roles
  • Threats and Intimidation

The Points Meghan Markle Checks Off

Of all these points, we know that Meghan Markle checks off a couple of these. She has isolated her husband from friends and family, makes all (if not most) the decisions, has been jealous and possessive, has threatened and intimidated Prince Harry on multiple occasions and is known to gaslight Harry and others to get what she wants. She also controls his body in a way.

Moreover, the threats can also be extended to the British Royal family if you want to go deeper.

A Deeper Look

Let’s look at each of these points.

The first is isolation.

Meghan never liked most of the people in Harry’s life. As highlighted in Tom Bower’s book Revenge, Markle was a party pooper and would criticise Harry’s friends and tell him to disown them because she disagreed with their opinions. She regularly disagreed with Prince William and Catherine, Harry’s brother and sister-in-law. She was also jealous of everything William and Catherine had and would constantly attempt to outdo them. Later, she dragged Harry to America to “escape the toxicity of his family.”

Secondly, Meghan Markle Makes Most Of The Decisions

It was Meghan’s decision she didn’t want to reside in Britain and demanded, likely through intimidation or threats, that she wanted to go back to America, and Harry had to go with her. This would have been a big decision, and Meghan would’ve said something to get him to comply with her wishes.

Also, she decides who Harry gets to hang out with. All she wants is for him to hang out with celebrities of her choosing. This was also evident at their wedding, where only A-list celebrities were allowed at the evening reception. That would not have been Harry’s decision.

Meghan also has to accompany Harry to events she has nothing to do with, i.e. Invictus.

Thirdly, Prince Harry Has Been Threatened And Intimidated By His Wife

Remember the story Meghan told Oprah about wanting to commit suicide while pregnant with Archie? At the time, we thought it was a parallel to Princess Diana throwing herself down the stairs while expecting Prince William. Still, after listening to how Rowan Baxter threatened Hannah Clarke, it made us realise that this was a threat towards Harry.

How? Well, let’s look at the most critical aspect. Archie. Also, it is alleged that Meghan told Harry how she would kill herself. Rowan did the same thing to Hannah after they argued over sex, and he took off with a hose. This was also the same tactic he used on his ex-wife.

Meghan was frantic to keep Harry in line, so she threatened to kill the one thing Harry always wanted: a child. She’d do the same to their unborn child if she eliminated herself. She also allegedly made a threatening “joke” about wanting to see the Waleses (then the Cambridges) offed in a plane crash so she and Harry could be heirs. Furthermore, she threatened to expose more “secrets” about the royals in The Cut interview as she had never signed an NDA. Moreover, she also convinced a room of women to laugh at Harry.

Meghan Uses Gaslighting Regularly

Meghan sees herself as the victim all the time. This occurred early in the relationship. She and Prince Harry had only been dating a few months when she ordered him to issue a statement to the press to leave her alone because of “racism in the media” when no one knew they were even dating. She allegedly threatened to walk if he didn’t do what she wanted.

Also, she was gaslighting Tom Bradby during the South Africa tour, when she made herself the victim of the royal family while standing in the middle of one of the poorest sections of the country. She believed there was a conspiracy to get her and convinced Harry of the same, which was a factor in Megxit.

Another aspect is that Meghan uses Harry’s insecurity and fears against him, like making herself to be like his late mother, who died in a car crash.

Jealousy And Possessiveness

stare; duchesses; grateful; blame; peasants
[Credit: The Independent]

A significant component of Meghan’s MO is she is jealous and possessive. She clings to Harry by holding his hand using both hands at times and pats on the back to steer him in the direction she wants.

Meghan was also incredibly jealous of Harry’s relationship with his family, so she had to destroy it, pitting him against William, Catherine, Charles, Camilla, Tom Inskip, etc. She would throw Catherine dirty looks behind her back and look at William with a look of desire.

Meghan Controls What Harry Wears

[Credit: Observer]

It’s been clear for a while that Meghan tells Harry to wear designer brands like Dior. She also gets him to wear the same plain style of shirt and the same grey suit, and he wears shoes that look like they’ve seen better days. Meanwhile, she wears all-new clothing, likely bought with his money.

Discouraging Hobbies

Harry used to love hunting and had been given several of his grandfather Prince Philip’s hunting rifles. When he got with Meghan, he had to give it up because she didn’t like it.

Question Marks

There are a couple here that we’re unsure about.


The first one we’re unsure about is degradation when the partner jabs at the victim disguised as a joke. This includes name-calling. At the recent New York “Summit”, Meghan referred to Harry as “This one.” She also convinced a whole room of women to laugh at him.


Now, this one is kind of confirmed as being accurate, but we’re placing it as a question mark for the simple reason of Meghan’s thirst for getting with Harry in the first place. Meghan set herself with people in situations that could help her get to Harry. She even showed up at the Inskip wedding despite having been allegedly broken up with at the time to be with Harry and to get him back.

Domestic violence is not always physical violence. It is often mental, emotional, or sexual in nature.

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