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Famous Mandalorians In Star Wars

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With the third Season of The Mandalorian about to come to a close in a couple of weeks, we thought we would talk about some of the more famous Mandalorians in Star Wars. Now, the individuals we will discuss are only from canon, not Star Wars legends. So grab that Beskar helmet because it’s time for a good list.

Also, we’re not including the Fetts as there is a constant debate on whether they are Mandalorians, so to avoid conflict, at least on this post, they’re not included.

Din Djarin

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[Credit: IGN]

One of the most famous Mandalorians in modern Star Wars is Din Djarin. A survivor of the Clone Wars who lost his family, Djarin was raised as a member of the Children of the Watch. Tasked with tracking down a bounty, he discovered that his prey was actually a fifty-year-old baby from the same species as Yoda.

Djarin and the child, later revealed to be named Grogu, became incredibly close. The infant came to see the Mandalorian as a father figure, and few attached to him. Ultimately, Din gave his son up to Luke Skywalker to be trained.

Grogu later returned to his father after being given a choice by Skywalker.

Paz Vizsla

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[Credit: Wookieepedia]

Amongst the Mandalorians on this list, the last name Vizsla is recognisable to most Star Wars fans, especially those who have seen The Clone Wars. In The Mandalorian, Paz Vizsla is a Children of the Watch member like Din was. He also has a son, Ragnar, who has been featured in a few episodes of Season 3.

Paz is likely related to Pre Vizsla, a member of Death Watch who Darth Maul killed before the Clone Wars ended. Another possible relative is Tarre Vizsla, the first Manda’lor who first wielded the Darksaber while also being a Jedi.

Sabine Wren


One of the most recognisable Mandalorian names on this list is Sabine Wren. The daughter of Countess Ursa Wren, Sabine was once a promising imperial until she realised what the Empire stood for. So she joined the crew of the Ghost and became its explosives expert. She even used paint to make her presence known.

Wren even wielded the Darksaber once before handing it to Bo-Katan Kryze.

Satine, Bo-Katan And Korkie Kryze

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[Credit: Wealth of Geeks]

For our final entry, we have a family of Mandalorians well-known in Star Wars. The Clone Wars introduced us to Satine, Bo-Katan and Korkie Kryze. Korkie didn’t appear too much, but his aunts did.

Bo and Satine were on opposing ends of the conflict. Being the eldest, Satine led a pacifist sect of Mandalorians. Bo was a warrior and was a member of Death Watch. Ultimately, she formed her group of Mandalorians to help take down Maul.

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