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Why Darth Maul’s Story In The Clone Wars Was Important For Obi-Wan Kenobi As A Character

Darth Maul, The Clone Wars

When Darth Maul suddenly appeared deranged on Star Wars The Clone Wars during the show’s fourth season episode, Brothers. Fans were overjoyed, having thought he died on Naboo during The Phantom Menace. However, as the Clone Wars unfolded, it became apparent that the former Sith assassin was considering getting even with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Kenobi had cut Maul in half in revenge for killing his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, during their iconic duel on Naboo. The former Sith Lord seemed to have foresight into Anakin Skywalker‘s fall to the dark side, which he threw in Ahsoka Tano‘s face. Though she didn’t believe it, she realised he had been telling the truth years later.

Maul’s story of resurrection and revenge comes from his desire to survive solely on his hatred for Obi-Wan. This was why he killed Satine Kryze in front of Kenobi. He wanted the Jedi Master to feel as much pain as humanly possible, which meets killing the woman he loved.

Thinking back on it, losing Satine wouldn’t be Obi-Wan’s only loss. He would be forced to cut down his best friend and former student, Anakin Skywalker, on the banks of Mustafar. Kenobi would also be forced to watch as Padmé Amidala, Anakin’s heavily pregnant wife, dies just minutes after the birth of twins Luke and Leia.

Darth Maul’s Revenge Wasn’t Enough For Him

A decade later, Obi-Wan would continue to feel the effects of his PTSD bought about by Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side. It would also lead him to find a preteen Leia after she is taken from Alderaan. A few years later, Maul would appear on Tatooine, still unsatisfied with his revenge. Again, they would engage in combat, but again, the former Sith would come out worse for wear, as it would result in his death.

Maul never got over his thirst for blood. Even when he had eliminated the love of Obi-Wan’s life, it still wasn’t enough for him. Kenobi, however, had to deal with so much more that had nothing to do with his two-time enemy.

Losing Anakin was a blow that almost destroyed Obi-Wan. The Clone Wars was a difficult time for everyone. Maul got away on Mandalore, but it didn’t stop him from continuing his lust for revenge.

Obi-Wan Probably Hadn’t Thought About Maul In Years

Finally, when Obi-Wan was on Tatooine or was in the middle of fleeing for his life, he likely didn’t think of Maul once. After all, he was preoccupied with keeping himself alive to look over Luke.

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