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What Is The Empire In Star Wars?

Empire, Star Wars

One of the most recognisable aspects of Star Wars is the Galactic Empire. First referenced in A New Hope, the covering staple of the galaxy lasted just over twenty years before it was dismantled and rebuilt as the New Republic. So, what was this governing body, and why is it relevant to the Star Wars story? Also, how did it fall apart? That is what we’re here to discuss.

Primarily, the Empire was established to be a dictatorship. It was briefly referenced in Attack of the Clones during a conversation between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. Anakin’s reference is that he thinks everyone should be able to do the same thing and have one opinion that no one can question. Padmé says that’s what a dictatorship sounds like. The same film shows the early plans for the Death Star.

empire, star wars

As Palpatine states in Revenge of the Sith, the Empire was the first of its kind, “The Republic will be reorganised into the First Galactic Empire!” Everyone was restricted from doing what the Republic deemed as freedom. The oppressed couldn’t even fight back, as they’d be arrested or executed on the spot for treason.

The Empire Bigwigs Loved Fighting Each Other

There was also plenty of infighting amongst the Empire’s bigwigs. This was no different in the Republic. Every form of government has clashes, regardless of shiny and good it looks on the outside. One example is the Empire’s minions turning on each other to stab each other so they can get higher up the ranks. Essentially, it was one big power struggle that didn’t end. However, no one could reach the top as the Emperor and his enforcers, such as Vader, the Inquisitors, and the Moffs were in the way.

During the Republic era, backstabbing did happen; it just wasn’t as frequent. The Rebel Alliance fought back because they were tired of being oppressed, where the rich were rewarded, where it was perhaps 5% of the galaxy while everyone else was second-rate, an overall 95%.

Let’s end this post with a quote from Senator Padmé Amidala:

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