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EXPOSED! Meghan Markle’s Alleged Diary Entries REVEALED! – OPINION & THOUGHTS

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Did the Daily Mail expose Meghan Markle’s true intentions for Prince Harry in 2017 with diary entries? It would appear so, or it could be just a creative excuse where no one can take credit. Perhaps Meghan or someone close to her sent an anonymous tip to the Daily Mail. It could be anything.

What I’m not going to do in this post is break it down, as it would take far too much time. If you want a detailed breakdown, I recommend going to T&T UK, where Emz did one. What I wanted to go over is some of the narcissistic traits and small details that appear.

One final thing before we jump in: I do NOT have an opinion on whether these alleged diary entries are accurate. Suppose they are, then great. They exposed Meghan for who she was all the way back then. If they’re not, great also.

Operation: Bag A Prince And The Obsession With Ownership

Okay, so looking at these alleged diary entries from Meghan Markle sets a particular tone: she wanted to bag a prince. However, the first entry is enough to give off very early warning signs. She doesn’t like redheads but is willing to deal with it as he’s a prince. Now, what we know from Tom Bower’s Revenge is that Meghan had a thing for Archie Andrews from Archie Comics. She named her cat after the character and later, her son, which she claims she hadn’t done, but anyone with a brain can see that she had an agenda. Let’s not forget that she called her “non-profit” Archewell and she has corresponding subbrands with ‘Arche’.

This first entry confirms she pretended not to know who he was. Anyone with a brain knows the British Royal Family and can name at least one member. Queen Elizabeth I. Henry VIII. Princess Diana. Queen Elizabeth II. The list does on.

Another thing that stands out in this excerpt is Meghan’s ego seems to be on a role as she acts like Suits is her show. She was a secondary character and wasn’t the main female lead. Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres were the lead female characters. Meghan’s character, Rachel, was just there as the eye candy. This is not me talking. People who have seen the show have all said the same thing.

Meghan Markle Really Hates Privacy

This next one is no secret. Meghan really hates privacy and keeping things to herself. If these diary entries are real, then she’s just exposed that she’s impatient. A handful of the ‘entries’ from Meghan Markle’s diary reveal that even after a month of dating, she wants to tell the world.

Moreover, this goes against her claims that she wanted to keep the romance under wraps. When Harry refused to tell the public, she started hinting at it on her Instagram. Two examples include the pictures of her wearing matching bracelets to what Harry was wearing and the spooning bananas. For those who don’t understand the bananas reference, they were sleeping together really early on in the relationship.

Also, she seemed annoyed that she had to throw people off the scent when people started to catch on to her relationship with Harry.

Dreaming Of Being A Royal And A Real Hatred Of Pippa Middleton

Pippa, Meghan Markle diary
[Credit: Observer]

One of the ‘Meghan Markle Diary entries’ mentions Meghan going to Wimbledon and having to sit with the everyday people. However, it references that she could sit in the royal box the next year. There are also multiple entries of her hating on Pippa Middleton.

There is also a reference to Pippa’s infamous backside picture from William and Catherine’s wedding. I’ve spoken about this before, but Jessica Mulroney wanted her backside moment. This time, it was Meghan who was allegedly a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding. The room she was posing it looked like something out of a royal palace.

Meghan Markle diary
[Credit: Pinterest]

Confirming Research

Remember when Meghan told Oprah and the entire world that she had never researched the royals or Harry? Well, there’s an entry that confirms she did. I mentioned this earlier in the post when I bought up Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne.

Meghan researched the elite in Britain and even befriended Millie Mackintosh, who was on Made in Chelsea, a British reality show. If I remember correctly, after the wedding, Millie got ditched. Millie confirmed this in May 2023 when she said that she was ghosted after Meghan got with Harry.

She also hated it when other women were reportedly linked to Harry, like Jenna Coleman, who played young Queen Victoria. She also said, ‘her show’, again not her show, Suits was sexy. No, it’s not. Just because you have sex in a filing room, it doesn’t make it sexy. Oh, and she knew how to curtsey. We know this because a clip from Suits surfaced of her doing a curtsey.

Not to mention, Meghan did tap and ballet classes as a child. She would’ve learned to do a curtsey then. She mentioned these classes on The Tig, back when she was overly praising her now discarded father.

Also, she could improve when it comes to puns. When she mentions how the British speak, it’s more like she’s mocking it rather than praising it.

Meghan Markle’s Diary Entries Reveals How Highly She Thinks Of Her Appearance – She Also Plotted To Marry Harry

All throughout the diary entries, Meghan Markle is revealed to think very highly of her appearance. She thinks everything she wears looks good when oftentimes it doesn’t. She loves her backside and believes it is the best part of her body. She keeps referring to herself as ‘hot’ and that she has ‘a hot body.’

She also insinuates that she loved living with Harry and that they acted like an ‘old married couple’, hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Furthermore, she pushed herself to play ‘the perfect housewife’. Everything to her is a ruse, proving she is lazy, not Catherine, as Omid Scobie mentioned in his new book Endgame.

The entries also mention ‘Princess training,’ which Meghan claimed she never had on Oprah. Omid’s first book, Finding Freedom, which had her and Harry’s fingerprints all over it, also mentions she did have training, including security training. We also know that she did training in California where she was taught everything that was required of a royal, including the different knives, forks, spoons, etc and, of course, curtseying.

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