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Bruce Lehrmann Appears To Have Slipped Up During His Defamation Trial Against Channel 10 And Lisa Wilkinson

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Bruce Lehrmann struggles in his defamation trial against Channel 10 and Lisa Wilkinson. He has been on the stand for cross-examination by Channel 10’s lawyers. According to The Daily Mail, the former liberal staffer who entered the public spotlight after Brittany Higgins accused him of rape has proclaimed that the interview on The Project “ruined his life.”

However, Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation trial has also unearthed that he was untruthful to the Australian Federal Police. Before his 2022 criminal trial, Lehrmann lied to the AFP about there being no alcohol in Linda Reynolds’ office, as mentioned by the ABC. However, at the time of the alleged rape, he told the senator’s chief of staff, Fiona Brown, that he and Higgins had gone back to Parliament to “drink whisky.”

Was Bruce Lehrmann Lying In His Defamation Trial?

A lawyer for Channel 10 showed the court a photo of Bruce Lehrmann’s desk with glasses of alcohol. When questioned, the applicant (Lerhmann) said he was mistaken, but couldn’t recall when he realised the mistake.

Lehrmann also admitted to lying to Parliament House as to why he was even there in the first place. He told the staff he’d been there to get documents he’d left behind when he’d actually gone back to get his house keys. His explanation was that if he said he needed to go back for his keys, he wouldn’t be believed and be told to return on a weekday.

He is still maintaining his innocence against Higgins’ allegations of rape. Bruce says no sexual contact happened. He also denies Brittany Higgins rebuffed him after he tried to kiss her and denies that he ever made advances towards her. Another denial he made was that he never said Higgins was attractive as well as attempting to get her drunk.

After the Channel 10/Lisa Wilkinson interview aired on The Project, Bruce Lehrmann claims he lost many friends and was kicked out of social media groups. Even aspects of his family cut him off. This led him to seek mental health assistance.

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