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Percy, trailer, breakdown
Percy Jackson

We’ve Been Expecting You, Percy Jackson – Trailer Drops On Seaweed Brain’s Birthday – Breakdown

We know we’re behind on our trailer breakdown for the new Percy Jackson promo that dropped about three weeks ago on Seaweed Brain’s birthday (August 18). We’ve been busy with other points, but thought now was the best time to get into it. Unfortunately, there is no Luke Castellan in this promo. The Empire State …

Percy Jackson movies
Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson Movies In Order

The Percy Jackson Movies are a sore spot for many fans. From the overacting to the script being more mature than necessary, even Rick Riordan refuses to acknowledge the films were even adapted from his beloved book series. We’ve done a few posts on the subject, but everything is more book-related, given the upcoming release …

Kelli, Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson

Who Was Kelli In Percy Jackson?

Percy Jackson goes up against a ton of oddities during his adventures. One was Kelli, a senior Empousa created by the Goddess of Magic, Hecate. She has appeared twice during Percy’s adventures. The first was during the Battle of the Labyrinth at the beginning of the book and during the fight in the Labyrinth. Time …

Poseidon, Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson

Who Is Poseidon In Percy Jackson?

Percy Jackson wouldn’t exist without his dear old dad, Poseidon. Known as one of the Big Three alongside his brothers, Zeus and Hades, the lord of the seas doesn’t have much to do with his favourite demigod son’s adventures. In this post, we’ll review who Poseidon is and his role in Percy’s life. Poseidon Is …

Tyson, Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson

Who Is Tyson In Percy Jackson?

Percy Jackson could not have gotten a better little brother than Tyson the Cyclops. Introduced in the second book, The Sea Monsters, Tyson was an orphan living on the streets until he was found and taken in by Percy’s second school as a project to help people experiencing homelessness. Percy and Tyson became incredibly close, …

Nico, Allegiance
Percy Jackson

Which Side Is Nico On?

Nico Di Angelo, the demigod son of Hades, is known to play both sides of the conflict; his choice of allegiance is often shadowy. So we thought we’d take a quick trip into the sides of the conflict Nico has played over the selection of his appearances in the Percy Jackson universe. As the son …

Death, misery
Percy Jackson

Gods Of Death, Pain And Misery

Death, pain and misery are three of the most human emotions known to human creation. In the Percy Jackson universe, there are gods for each of these. While the more well-known deities are mentioned, we thought that death, pain and misery should get a somewhat decent look at, given they are essential to the stories …