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Who Was Kelli In Percy Jackson?

Kelli, Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson goes up against a ton of oddities during his adventures. One was Kelli, a senior Empousa, created by the Goddess of Magic, Hecate. She has appeared twice during Percy’s adventures. The first was during the Battle of the Labyrinth at the beginning of the book and during the fight in the Labyrinth. Time number two was during Percy and Annabeth’s trek through Tartarus during House of Hades.

During the House of Hades appearance, Iapteus (also known as Bob), a friend of Percy and Annabeth and the former Titan Lord of the Underworld, helped to stop the Kelli.

After her experience with Percy during Battle of the Labrinth, Kelli holds a mighty vendetta against him. She is determined to kill him and almost succeeds. Percy gets the upper hand and kills her a second time. She is the second monster Percy has killed more than once after the Minotaur.

Not Even Luke Castellan Likes Kelli

Even Luke Castellan didn’t like her, and he supported Kronos. He became upset with her after it was revealed she had killed a child in Seattle. Kelli also appears to have a crush on him.

In her human form, Kelli is said to be African-American in appearance and pretty, with curly hair like Medusa.

Finally, Kelli has limited abilities but has a mild level of power in a fight. Her strengths include Charmspeak; a power used by Aphrodite and her children, and Seduction; an ability she uses on men to devour their blood. Manipulation of the Mist, Shapeshifting hence how she can appear human and finally, we have Metacognition, which comes in handy when trying to enter a demigod’s dreams. However, this ability is limited as it doesn’t always work.

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