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Mr D’s Mortal Children And How Demigods Shaped Him

Castor, Pollux

Who are Castor and Pollux, the demigod sons of Dionysus? They are campers at Camp Half-Blood and the only demigod children of the wine god that were there. Unfortunately, though, they do have a Roman demigod half-brother named Dakota, the son of Bacchus.

Dionysus has demigod children with his wife, Ariadne, and a child with Chthonophyle. He doesn’t like heroes that much, given how Theseus treated Ariadne. However, he does seem to care about his sons, who attend Camp Half-Blood.

After Castor is killed during the Battle of the Labyrinth, he asks Percy to watch over his surviving demigod son, Pollux. When Percy heard, this is surprised him that Mr D even cared, given his attitude towards humanity.

Dionysus Isn’t Too Bad, Despite Losing Castor

Despite his hatred for human heroes, Dionysus did come around to help Percy from time to time. Sure, he hated him like he did other demigods, but he wasn’t entirely heartless. He even tells Jackson that he’s one of the more excellent gods.

Thinking back on it, he’s right. Ares wanted to kill Percy. Athena does not like him because she sees him as too much like Poseidon. Zeus tried to smite him as he believed Percy had stolen his master bolt when he was twelve. Percy also has a grudge against Hera for robbing him of eight months of his life, which he could’ve been spending with Annabeth.

Dionysus even saved Percy’s life from a Manticore, so to say he doesn’t care doesn’t entirely wash. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t have procreated with mortals, and he wouldn’t have saved Percy’s life those few times.

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