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Who Is Estelle Blofis In Percy Jackson?

Estelle Blofis, Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is well versed in being a big brother as he has experience with his paternal half-brother, Tyson, and now he has his maternal half-sister, Estelle Blofis, to contend with. So, just who is Estelle Blofis? Let’s find out, shall we? Before we begin, the post will jump around in the timeline. The first reference to Estelle is in the Trials of Apollo book, The Hidden Oracle. The events of the most recent book, Chalice of the Gods, take place before the Trials of Apollo series.

A mortal, Estelle Blofis was born to Percy’s mother, Sally Jackson and her second husband and Percy’s second stepfather, Paul Blofis.

Estelle Blofis In The Percy Jackson Books

As mentioned earlier, the first reference to Estelle is in The Hidden Oracle. This is the first book in the Trials of Apollo series. Percy references his little sister when he tells Apollo is now a mortal named Lester, and his mother is 7 months pregnant. He adds that his sister needs him to be alive so he can help out once she is born.

During the events of Chalice of the Gods, set before the Trials of Apollo, Sally and Paul are nervous about Percy’s reaction to their pregnancy news. Percy is overjoyed, while Annabeth, Percy’s girlfriend, was either told beforehand or worked it out for herself.

Back to the Trials of Apollo series, Apollo (as Lester) meets Estelle when he goes to the Jackson-Blofis apartment looking for Percy. Paul is playing with her by bouncing her in his lap, and she’s enjoying every second of it. Whenever Lester mentions Percy by name, Estelle laughs, indicating she loves her big brother.

During the Magnus Chase book, The Ship of the Dead, Percy says that he needs to return to New York (from Boston) as he promised to babysit Estelle, revealing her name.

In The Sun and the Star, Will Solace and Nico Di Angelo are greeted by Estelle when they visit the Jackson-Blofis apartment. When she hears Percy’s voice, she becomes happy.

Fun Facts about Estelle

  • Annabeth states that Estelle’s estimated arrival of March 15 is on the Ides of March. It is unknown if Estelle was born on that date.
  • Given that Sally is clear-sighted, meaning can see through The Mist, Estelle might be too.
  • Estelle Blofis was named in honour of Estelle Jackson, her late maternal grandmother.
  • Estelle was likely born between The Dark Prophecy and The Burning Maze in March.
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