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Who Is Poseidon In Percy Jackson?

Poseidon, Percy Jackson
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Percy Jackson wouldn’t exist without his dear old dad, Poseidon. Known as one of the Big Three alongside his brothers, Zeus and Hades, the lord of the seas doesn’t have much to do with his favourite demigod son’s adventures.

In this post, we’ll review who Poseidon is and his role in Percy’s life.

Poseidon Is One Of Six

Born as one of the sons of Kronos and Rhea, Poseidon, like his brother Hades and sisters Hera, Demeter and Hestia, was swallowed at birth to prevent a great prophecy from coming true: that child of the King the Titans would overthrow him.

Moreover, the god who overthrew Kronos and defeated the Titans was Zeus. Zeus became King of the Gods while Hades took the Underworld, leaving the oceans to Poseidon. From there, he would marry Amphitrite, a daughter of Nereus. He would have numerous children with her, but this would not stop him from straying.

Posiedon would sire numerous children by other women, both creature and mortal. One of those children would be Percy Jackson with the mortal woman Sally Jackson. He would also father Tyson, a cyclops with a Nymph.

Rivalry with Athena

One of Poseidon’s greatest rivalries was with his niece, Athena. The pair would become rivals when Athena won the contest over who would become the patron god of Athens. She presented the people with the olive tree while he presented the saltwater spring.

The rivalry became so great that Athena mistrusted Percy when he entered a relationship with her daughter Annabeth when they turned 16.

Relationship With Percy

It’s no secret that Poseidon loves Percy greatly but doesn’t get to see him often. After Percy is claimed when he turns 12, he sees his dad every so often. In The Sea of Monsters, Poseidon isn’t present, but he does give Percy a massive surprise when it is revealed that Tyson, a kid Percy and Sally met through Percy’s most current school, was one of Percy’s many half-siblings.

Poseidon appears physically in at least four books (Lightning Thief, Titan’s Curse, Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian) while appearing in a dream during Sea of Monsters.

Who Has Played Poseidon?

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Kevin McKidd was the first actor to play Poseidon on screen in The Lightning Thief movie. The second will be Toby Stephens in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians television series.

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