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Who Is Paul Blofis In Percy Jackson?

Paul Blofis, Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson only wanted his mother, Sally Jackson, to be happy after she killed her first husband, Gabe Ugilano, with Medusa’s head. When he saw her with Paul Blofis, he knew she had found the man who would treat her right.

Paul Blofis (no, not Paul Blowfish!) meets Sally during a writing seminar. They become friends and later become romantic. The relationship was unknown to Percy until he sent an Iris message to his mother during Titan’s Curse. He could see that his mum genuinely liked Paul and was okay with her finding love again, especially after how Gabe treated her.

Like his father, Poseidon, Percy thought Paul’s last name was Blowfish. He felt unsure at first of Paul’s intentions, but after seeing how happy Sally was, Percy gave his mother the go-ahead.

At Percy’s 15th Birthday, Paul Blofis is polite towards Poseidon but is silently unhappy he’s present. When Tyson, Percy’s half-brother, calls Poseidon “Daddy”, Sally quickly says that Tyson is not her son.

During this time, Paul pulls Percy aside and asks for his permission to ask Sally to marry him. Percy, coming to like Paul a great deal, gives his consent, seeing how happy he makes his mother.

Sally and Percy debate how much they should tell Paul about the Greek world, including Percy’s status as a demigod. At first, Paul is in disbelief. However, he believes his stepson and wife’s story after seeing Nico and Mrs O’Leary’s shadow travel.

Paul Blofis becomes almost like a surrogate father to Percy. He backs Percy when Sally asks him for help getting Percy into Goode High School, considering Percy has been to seven schools in seven years.

When the Titans march into Manhattan and the demigods are forced to defend the city, the mortals are put to sleep. When they wake up, Paul and Sally jump into the action, with Blofis picking up a sword and killing what he hopes is a monster, revealing he has sword training from his time as an actor.

During Percy’s senior year of high school, Paul and Sally announce they’re having a baby. However, they’re unsure of Percy’s reaction, which turns out to be incredibly positive. Sally later gives birth to a daughter they name Estelle, after her mother.

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