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What Bianca Di Angelo Would’ve Thought Of Hazel Levesque

Bianca Di Angelo and Hazel Levesque have a lot in common. They share a brother in Nico Di Angelo. They’ve also both been dead. Also, they share a father in Hades and his Roman equivalent, Pluto. Unfortunately, though, they’ve never actually met. So, that’s why we’re here. To shed some light on what could’ve been.

So, what would Bianca have thought of Hazel?

It’s a tricky question, but using logic, Bianca would be happy as Hazel wouldn’t take her place as Nico’s sister but serve as another sibling. Looking back at Hazel and Nico’s closeness in the Heroes of Olympus books, they quickly became close. Could the same be said if Hazel had been discovered when Bianca was alive?

Bianca might’ve been weary initially, as it’s always been her and Nico. However, she would’ve seen that Hazel posed no threat. Whether they’d become close, we don’t believe they would. Even if Bianca had lived, Hazel and Nico would have maintained that tight bond.

Another point is that Bianca would’ve appreciated that Hazel didn’t judge Nico because he was gay. It could’ve remained secret between the three of them if necessary. It might’ve also helped him open up much quicker than he did initially because more people would’ve backed him. In other words, Hazel may have taken Jason’s place in the short list of individuals who were aware of Nico’s sexuality and crush on Percy.

As for Hazel, she would’ve tried to bond with Bianca, though she might’ve realised that it might be an uphill battle. However, she would never attempt to overshadow her sister in Nico’s life and would’ve played her part by allowing their brother to have a relationship with both of them.

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