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Babes Against Bullshit: What I Think Happened With Thomas Markle And The Pre-Wedding Pap Shots

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The Markles are an exciting bunch. I include Prince Harry in this as he’s Mr Meghan Markle now and no longer has his own identity. Anyway, this is not a normal Chronicles of Harkle post because we’re spending some of this post talking about what I think happened with Thomas Markle’s pap shots. These were the ones taken which ended up being his downfall.

I also wanted to address a few things regarding the Sussexes here, as some of the talking points specifically deal with Meghan. But let’s get into the article before we get cold feet, as we don’t usually like talking about pap shots. This post will contain spoilers for the book, Revenge.

Tom Bower’s Juicy Book!

So, I’m bringing this up due to the stories coming out of Tom Bower’s book, Revenge. So many media that have come out over the years are true. For example, Camilla Tominey’s exclusive article about Meghan making Catherine cry was accurate. We knew this as no one else has come out with another version outside of what Ms Markle told Oprah.

Now, this brings us to Thomas Markle. I’ve said that I have a changed perspective of Mr Markle in recent times. I wrote a piece criticising him for wanting to see his grandchildren a while ago. Some of what I said in that article I still stand by. However, there are bits I don’t believe in now. I do not know the whole story of what happened with his pap shots, but I know he was set up to take a fall.

As mentioned in Revenge, Meghan had started cutting her dad off when she started outgrowing her first husband, Trevor. After the breakup of the marriage, Engelson went to Thomas for advice. But unfortunately, Tom didn’t tell his ex-son-in-law that he felt just as discarded as he did.

Did Samantha Set The Pap Shots Up?

Whether Samantha coerced her father into the pap shots is anyone’s guess. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. It was four years ago, and it cannot be changed. What has been rumoured is that Meghan set up her pap shots. The book makes it clear that she would’ve done anything to get into the tabloids and newspapers. Even Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, Meghan’s former agent, said it. Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with Tom.

I believe Tom took a leaf out of his daughter’s playbook. I think that he knew about her desperate attempts to get tapped. So, he felt she would pay attention and talk to him if he did the same thing. However, the plan failed, and he got cut off entirely when he was already in the process of being cut out by his daughter.

Make It Make Sense!

Moreover, Meghan’s naivety narrative that she fed Oprah makes no sense. If her dad can fake pap shots, then she and Harry can play games with the paparazzi but proceed to cry they’re being hunted. We all know how they love attracting attention, and they apparently hate their house, which cost them most of Harry’s inheritance. One other thing, he went from being loved by his staff to being loathed.

So, going back to Thomas Markle, I believe he was set up to take a fall, and it became an excuse for Meghan to shut him out of her life for good. What she didn’t count on was for her siblings to come out swinging at her. Furthermore, this could be why she made the claim that she grew up an only child. She has since backpedalled on that comment saying it was subjective to how she feels and not a fact, according to 9Honey.

Defamation And The Hunger For Fame

This comment comes from the fact that her sister, Samantha, is suing her for defamation. Meghan is trying to worm out of it, so she doesn’t have to face her sister in court. I’m sure this is the last thing Thomas wants for his daughters, given his health. Anyway, the Markles are a pretty messy bunch. What family isn’t? Also, the original case was thrown out, but then refiled after Samantha had to retract certain aspects of the case.

Meghan’s thirst for fame has made her greedy, and Thomas knows this. If there’s one person who knows his daughter, it’s him. After all, he is one of her first ghosted victims. What makes it all the sadder is that his seemingly harmless stunt has backfired in ways he could not have anticipated. Despite knowing what she was like, Tom believed that he would always play some part in Meghan’s life. After all, he raised her. He treated her like a literal princess. Moreover, he paid for her financially until she could live independently.

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