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The Secrets She Keeps: S02E04 – Meghan’s Victim Is Revealed

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For highlights from episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3. As the walls begin closing on Meghan, Jack, and Simon, someone is about to lose their life. Meanwhile, Lorelei’s mental state comes into question as Agatha struggles to protect herself and her unborn child.

Before we begin this breakdown, we need to reaffirm that this article will contain a tangle of interlocking story beats like the previous ones on The Secrets She Keeps.

1. The Truth About Meghan’s Victim

As Meghan begs to see her children, Detective Cash and her partner want her side of the story before they can charge her with murder.

2. Jack Seeks Refuge And Simon Comes Knocking

With Jack out of the house, he calls his former mistress Rhea who sets him up a temporary home. Later, a frantic Meghan calls her husband, but no response. Simon suddenly shows up, wanting to see Ben. Meghan refuses to let him anywhere near him before she proceeds to throw a plastic wombat at him, which bounces off the windscreen of his car. When Meghan turns around, Lucy is standing in the doorway, watching the entire thing unfold.

3. Agatha Is Rushed To Hospital

Agatha is taken to the hospital; her only concern is her baby while she is now conscious. An ultrasound is performed, and a heartbeat is found, much to her relief. She refuses to have scans done as she believes they will harm the baby she has wanted for so long.

4. Meghan Attempts To Salvage The Situation And Is Followed

Ushering the kids into the car, Meghan takes them to find Jack at the house Rhea has set him in, thinking he’s AirBNBing. One of the kids comments that it smells like urine. When she can’t get Jack to agree with her, she puts the kids in the car, and as they’re on the way home, they’re followed, leaving Meghan spooked.

She contacts Jack and tells him about being followed, detailing every move she makes they make. Finally, Meghan manages to get away. When she does, her pursuer is Lorelei, who has been trying to get her to talk to her for the podcast. However, her tracker goes dead.

Back at the house, Jack checks in and looks around to ensure no one is watching the house. But, unfortunately, he is unaware that Lorelei is hiding around the car, having changed the battery in the tracker.

The following day, Meghan tells Jack that she thinks the person following her and the kids the night before was Simon, as he wasn’t happy with her. Jack points out that Simon doesn’t know where he’s staying. But then, it dawns on him that it might be the sports star he’s been investigating as he [the sports star] did threaten to go after his family.

5. Jack Gets Into Trouble After His Confrontation With The Sports Star Is Caught On CCTV

Confronting the sports star, Jack beats the guy up but is unaware that the entire confrontation was caught on camera. The news gets back to his bosses, and he is suspended. He also could be charged with assault as the sports star is now shopping the footage around.

6. Meghan Catches Lorelei Replacing The Tracker, And Drops A Bomb, And Lorelei Starts Becoming Even More Unhinged

At home, Meghan catches Lorelei replacing the tracker. She realises that Lorelei is following her and the kids, not Simon. Lorelei then drops that Agatha is pregnant, claiming that if Meghan publicly forgives Agatha, it might increase Agatha’s chances of getting into the minimal security prison.

When Lorelei returns to Charlotte’s house after reading to Brother Bowler, her biological father, she helps her light her fireplace. She stares at the fire as if mesmerised. There’s something odd going on with her.

After being served with an AVO, Lorelei refuses her mother’s help and insists that Agatha is innocent. Elsewhere, Karen, the mother of one of the babies Agatha took, is disgusted when she listens to Lorelei’s podcast episode. Unfortunately, the Corrections minister also attends. As does Jen, Meghan and Grace’s mother.

Lorelei’s parents call her therapist, Doctor Hocking, for help. They’re worried that Lorelei could fall back into old patterns, which include arson. Lorelei tells them she can’t go back to therapy because she will be on TV. This leads to further concern from the Kellys and Doctor Hocking.

Belinda watches Lorelei on television, where her daughter claims she was raised to feel abandoned and rejected. There are even conversations about how adopted people can have many mental health issues, hinting at some much more significant.

Lorelei reveals to the entire country that she is Agatha’s daughter.

7. Meghan Snaps At Rhea

After rushing to the hospital after Ben hurts himself, Meghan goes to Jack’s temporary accommodation to find he’s left and Rhea’s renting the place out. Meghan pieces together that Rhea found Jack the house as he needed somewhere to stay. Rhea tells her that Jack gave her $40k to help her keep her home.

Meghan threatens to kill Jack if he’s been lying to her.

8. Agatha Attempts To Convince The Doctors To Let Her Stay, And Zoe Tries To Persuade The Minister

At the hospital, Agatha tries to convince the doctor to allow her to stay, despite refusing to have treatment. The doctor says he cannot keep her in if she refuses treatment. He tells her that hospitals are for people who need intervention and not a place to hide. She can stay at the prison clinic to protect her baby.

Begrudgingly, she agrees to have the scans, even if it only gives her a small window to work something else out.

At the minister’s office, Zoe tries to convince the minister to listen to Lorelei as she was the last baby taken from Agatha. She confirms that Lorelei has a history of committing arson and has various mental health issues.

Zoe learns that Lorelei’s interview has backfired and tells a confused Agatha that Lorelei lied about her background and motive and that she’s an independent journalist as she was biased in her opinions. Moreover, this leads people to turn their backs on her.

9. Meghan Takes Ben, And Jack Gets A Call From Rhea

Elsewhere, Meghan hides in an alley waiting for Simon to show up with Ben. But instead, Meghan jumps in the car and speeds off when he has his back turned. Elsewhere, Jack gets a phone call from Rhea, who tells him, Meghan showed up and lost the plot with her in front of her clients.

Simon tries to ring Meghan but gets her voicemail. Finally, he tells her that if she doesn’t give him back his car, he’s going to the police. He then rings Jack and tells him that Meghan stole his car and Ben was in the back. Jack barks at him that just because he [Simon] takes Ben to the park for twenty minutes doesn’t mean he’s his dad.

Jack tells Simon he’ll handle Meghan and get back to him once he’s sorted out the situation. He then calls Meghan, who screams at him about his continued association with Rhea.

10. Lorelei Continues To Spiral

Lorelei arrives at the hospital and runs into Zoe, who is leaving. Zoe tells her she cannot see Agatha now as she’s been discredited as a journalist. She adds that Lorelei was asked to publicise the pregnancy, not to talk about how she and Agatha are related. Because of Lorelei, Agatha may lose her baby to the system.

Realising she’s losing control of her plan, whatever that is, Lorelei demands to see Agatha explain what happened. Zoe says Agatha isn’t currently well and is receiving scans.

Delusional, Lorelei waits until nighttime and manages to kidnap Agatha. The guard asks where the service lift goes, and the nurse tells him to go to the loading dock. In the lift, Lorelei says she has a plan so she, Agatha and the baby can be a family. Agatha gets to her feet and activates the door control before she blames Lorelei for making her situation worse.

The guard escorting Agatha draws his gun when the service lift arrives on his floor. Inside is just Agatha. Lorelei is nowhere to be found.

11. The Death Happens

Meghan arrives at the house where Simon is waiting for her with joint custody papers for Ben. Unbeknownst to Meghan, Jack has arrived. She puts the car in reverse and hits him, killing him. Ben cries in the back seat while Simon frantically calls for an Ambulance. Despite Simon’s yells and Ben’s crying, Meghan sits shell-shocked at what she has done.

In the present, Detective Cash asks if Meghan is ready to talk. Meghan says she wants to see Jack. Cash walks off, leading to Meghan punching the wall. After she gets her hand checked, Meghan is taken to the morgue, where she says her goodbyes to Jack.

Cash asks one final time if Meghan wants to tell her anything; when she doesn’t, she charges Meghan with the murder of her husband.

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