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The Bold And The Beautiful: Li And Finn Learn The Other Is Alive And Mike Gets Arrested While Sheila Escapes!

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From an arrest to a reunion, today’s Bold and the Beautiful had it all. Thank god we’re not having to bang our head on the keyboard with the Carter/Quinn/Eric/Donna thing. With this story on the back burner for now, we did get Mike’s arrest for his aiding Sheila in her escape from prison. He has a conscience, and he knows his lady friend is evil. Oh, and we’re not on the Grace on the warpath storyline either. Anyway, back to the Sheila plot. Li and Finn were reunited after learning that the other was alive.

We’re sure Bill will be on his high horse soon enough. It was a surprise that he was part of the team bringing down Sheila. We did not even consider him when we did the post. We’re glad we were proven wrong about how Finn’s death sent the show backward, if we’re honest. At least Steffy knows what Sheila did to Brooke, now out in the open. Moreover, Sheila’s takedown will be even sweeter.

Her mother complex is thirsty and cannot keep herself in check. Also, she allowed the police to arrest Mike while she did a runner after kissing him. He was on cloud nine, and then, his lady love abandoned him. How is he not crushed by that? An arrest wouldn’t even deter him. Sheila needs to realise that Li is not her enemy. She raised Finn and, therefore, his mother.

Bill’s Appearance Is Welcome

Bill has been a pleasant surprise for us to watch in these last couple of episodes. He has not tried to have anyone fall under his sword for a change. Could this be something he can place in his arsenal to get Katie back? We’re sure Will would love hearing this story. He is his father’s mini-me.

As for Li, we’ve felt this could lead to something more for her and Bill. He found and helped her, so perhaps she developed feelings for him. After all, she and Jack are no longer together because of his affair with Sheila being found out. Also, we’re sure she now knows what Steffy meant about her literal not-so-mother-in-law from hell. Unfortunately, though, what that means for her medical licence is unknown.

Finn is now on the way with Bill to be reunited with his wife, son, and stepdaughter. That way, Steffy will probably be able to return home and deal with the grief. Considering her husband isn’t dead. Ridge and Taylor will be overjoyed to see their daughter happy. But, wait until they hear about Mike’s arrest. Their reaction to Sheila’s escape isn’t going to be good.

Will Sheila Be Under Arrest With Additional Charges?

That brings us back to Sheila. When the police arrest her again, she will be hit with additional charges. Her murder charge could be reduced to attempted murder as Finn’s not dead, though it would be doubled due to her attempt on Li and Steffy’s lives. However, she might’ve been charged with trying to kill Steffy already. Whatever the case, it’s a good thing that she’s not going to hurt anyone again. The police need to catch her. That is the ultimate prize; then everyone can breathe easier.

The one aspect we do not expect a conclusion is Thomas’s affiliation with Sheila involving the Taylor and Ridge thing. We know the fashion designer snapped at Sheila for what she did to Brooke. So, his involvement in the parent trap will probably not be addressed again.

Let’s go back to Bill for a moment. His involvement in this storyline is unexpected but welcome. He has not been on screen for months which gives him something to do outside of pining for Katie and missing Will. Again, though, we love that he still has his sense of humour.

Hope’s appearance in today’s episode was surprising because she hasn’t had much to do with this storyline. She’s been dealing with her mother and Ridge’s relationship problems and dealing with Sheila making Brooke drink.

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