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The Secrets She Keeps: S02E03 – Jack Learns The Truth About Ben And Agatha Discovers Something She Lost

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Agatha and Meghan’s worlds continue to spiral downward. As we reach the midway point for The Secrets She Keeps Season 2, Agatha learns the truth about who Lorelei is and her role in her life. Meanwhile, Jack is forced to discover the truth about Ben after overhears a confrontation between Meghan and Simon. The whole thing is messy, and for a good reason. That’s what we’re going to uncover in this article. Please be warned that this article does contain significant spoilers for S02E03. As with the previous post, this one is just as jumbled due to the interweaving storylines.

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1. Grace Ends Up In The Hospital, And She Tells Simon About Ben

Continuing from episode two, Grace is conscious of her fall down the stairs and has to get nine stitches on her head. She tells Meghan that Ben and Simon should have a father-son bond. Later at home, she tells Simon about the DNA test she performed on Ben and tells him he is the boy’s father, not Jack. She explains that Meghan lied about who Ben’s father was. Simon asks how it’s possible when he submits the samples himself and gets the results.

Simon wants to call Meghan, but Grace stops him as her sister is probably telling Jack simultaneously. However, this isn’t what is happening.

The morning after Jack learns about Ben, Simon tells Grace that he knew Ben was his, but Meghan lies to him.

2. Agatha And Her Baby Are In Trouble!

After providing the prison governor with semen samples of two potential fathers of her baby, Agatha comes under threat when one of the guards, Rocco, denies he’s the baby daddy. As a result, he gets suspected of his job and indirectly threatens the mother and child. He must also explain why he can’t go to work with his wife.

3. Lorelei The Creeper

As time goes on, Lorelei becomes creepier and creepier. If you thought her stunt in putting a tracker on Meghan’s car was terrible, her desire to get closer to Agatha is taking an even bigger turn. She stands in front of the mirror and practices introducing herself to Agatha in the mirror. She brushes off her mother’s concern for her, saying she’s not tired, despite all the work she has put into the podcast.

Belinda, Lorelei’s mother, says they could go to the holiday house for a few days, but Lorelei rebuffs, speaking she has permission to see Agatha in prison. Her mother nods.

4. Simon Confronts Meghan About Ben, Jack Overhears Them, And Then Learns The Truth About Ben

Simon texts Meghan, and she runs outside in the middle of the night. Despite the hour, Simon cannot let go of the fact that Meghan lied to him for two years about Ben being his child. Meghan admits she didn’t know he was the father until Grace told her about the DNA result. She claims she wasn’t sure and didn’t want to know because, as far as she was concerned, Jack was Ben’s dad.

Jack walks out and asks what’s going on. First, he asks if Grace is okay. Simon and Meghan aren’t sure what to say, so Simon leaves, swearing under his breath.

Ushering Jack inside, Meghan is forced to tell him about Simon being Ben’s father and how his conception happened. Jack explodes in a rage and leaves. The next day, Simon tries to ring Jack, but he’s not answering. A colleague tells him to try another colleague, who then passes his phone to Jack, who is far from happy. This prompts him to fly into a rage at the sports star he’s been in investigating, dismantling his story and leading other journalists to report on the allegations he’s exposed.

Jack says he’s having family issues, leading his boss to tell him to get a handle on the situation before he returns. Simon follows him, only for Jack to punch him.

5. Charlotte Learns About Agatha’s Pregnancy

Agatha’s lawyer Zoe speaks with Charlotte, Agatha’s mother, informing her of Agatha’s pregnancy. Charlotte is shocked that her daughter faked her pregnancy the last time. She also questions how it happened when Agatha was in a woman’s prison. Zoe explains that the baby will likely go to Charlotte if Agatha loses.

6. Agatha Learns The Truth About Lorelei

Lorelei arrives at the prison for her visit with Agatha. Agatha thanks her for getting people to reconsider her story. However, she [Agatha] receives the shock of her life when Lorelei starts reading a letter she had sent to her taken child years earlier. Lorelei reveals she was that baby and explains she always knew she was adopted. As Agatha gets up to leave, she shows Lorelei her baby bump.

7. Lorelei’s Parents Confront Her About Finding Her Biological Mother

Lorelei returns home, where her parents confront her. She accuses them of snooping. Her mother tells her that they agreed she would tell them everything. She then asks why Lorelei didn’t tell her and her father about putting her name on the adoption register. Lorelei then drops that Agatha is her mother, which backs up Belinda’s theory of why she was so invested in her story.

David, Lorelei’s dad, questions whether his daughter has met Agatha, and Lorelei confirms she has completed her. Lorelei accuses her parents of thinking she’s crazy all of her life.

8. Charlotte Learns Lorelei Is Her Granddaughter And Is Told She Needs To Sign Away Her Rights To The Baby

Lorelei retrieves an Affidavit from Zoe for Charlotte to sign away her rights to get custody of the baby. Charlotte also questions how Lorelei is involved with Agatha, only to learn that Lorelei is the baby daughter Agatha was forced to give up at 16.

9. Rocco Orders A Hit On Agatha And The Baby

After receiving a visit from Lorelei wanting to know if he’ll go for custody of Agatha’s baby, Rocco calls his contacts in prison to have Agatha transferred. He has her sent to Level Two, where some of the worst female inmates are held.

She is placed with the other pregnant lady, who is notably upset about becoming roommates with her. The other inmates go after Agatha and bash her.

10. Meghan Learns Jack Is Getting Lachie And Lucy DNA Tested, And Simon Gets Caught In The Crossfire

Getting off a phone call with a lawyer friend, Meghan sees Lachie playing with a test kit. She goes over to ask him and Lucy what they’re doing. But Lucy tells her that Jack told them to play a game. Upset, Meghan takes the kits to Jack, confronting him. He’s still upset over Ben not being his so much that he’s now paranoid that Lachlan and Lucy might not be his.

Meghan makes the point that he had an affair with Rhea for months. Jack says it’s not the same as he didn’t father another woman’s child. He then packs a bag and leaves.

Distraught, Meghan rings Simon blaming him for Jack leaving. Simon tells her that she bought it on herself for not being honest in the first place about Ben. She then screams that she will never let him have custody of Ben.

11. The Head of The Prison Learns Of Agatha’s Unauthorised Transfer To Level Two

One of his officers told the head of the prison that Agatha was transferred to Level Two. Shocked, he questions who authorised it. He orders that he get Agatha out while she is seen on the floor, beaten and bleeding.

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