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The Bold And The Beautiful: Finn Reunites With Kelly And Hayes

Kelly, Finn, Hayes
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Finn is now in Monaco and has reunited with some of his family. After his ordeal with his birth mother, Sheila Carter, hot doc Finn reunited with his in-laws, Ridge and Taylor. They have also arrived in Monaco to see their daughter Steffy, who has booked herself into a mental health rehab clinic to deal with her grief over losing her husband. However, what made today’s episode so special is that Finn reunited with stepdaughter Kelly and son Hayes.

Back in Los Angeles, Hope and Liam tell Thomas, Brooke and Eric what they knew about Li saving her son. They also mentioned Bill’s involvement, which surprises Thomas. Liam laments that Kelly will be thrilled to see Finn, given how close they are. The others cannot get over how the beloved doctor is still alive and how Li had kept his survival a secret.

In upcoming episodes, Steffy and Li go head-to-head over that very secret, according to HopeBethSpencer on Instagram. The tip of the iceberg is Brooke teasing it in today’s episode. Could Li bring up how cosy Steffy looked with Liam after Finn “died”? Possibly. Let’s not forget that Li has been ranting that Finn would never have gotten shot if it weren’t for his involvement with the Forresters.

Is Li Lashing Out? And Sheila Reenters The Picture

Whether she’s just lashing out because he got shot is unclear. Though, the look she gave Steffy and Liam behind the backs makes it evident that she doesn’t like Forrester Creations’ co-CEO. On the other hand, she puts on a brave face for Finn and Hayes. If anything, this may come up in upcoming episodes.

Next week will bring Sheila into play as there will be an update regarding her escape. What that will get is anyone’s guess. Could Sheila have left town and departed to another state? She cannot go far because there’s a warrant for her arrest. Finally, she goes to Deacon for help with a crazy story. We’re surprised this wasn’t in today’s episode.

We severely hope that Deacon doesn’t cave to Sheila. His relationship with Hope and Beth is too precious to him.

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