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Don’t Mess With These Ladies! Ahsoka 2-Episode Premiere REVIEW

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Ahsoka is finally here, which is why we’ve done this review. We’re so happy to be able to catch up with Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla after so long. Let’s not forget our leading lady, Ahsoka Tano.

So, in this review, we wanted to approach things a little differently than we usually would. We’ll be including small easter eggs too. Moreover, we will do posts on Ryder Azadi and Jai Kell after this one, so be on the lookout.

The titles for the first two episodes are Master and Apprentice and Toil and Trouble. In the typical Star Wars style, each title has a meaning. The first is the teacher and student dynamic of Shin Hati and Baylan Skoll and Ahsoka and Sabine. Toil and Trouble references the witches in Macbeth and Morgan Elsbeth’s connection to the Nightsisters of Dathomir.

Let’s begin with Master and Apprentice. This episode was dedicated to the late Ray Stevenson (Baylen), who died in May 2023.

Episode One – Master And Apprentice – Review Part One

The first episode begins with a title crawl. Ahsoka is the first Star Wars television series to use this. However, it is only used for the first episode. This is because, unlike Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka is the only character in the trio (her, Hera and Sabine) to appear in live-action. Hera and Sabine had only appeared in animation before they appeared here.

As we’ve spoken about, Ahsoka and Sabine have plenty of tension. More on that a little later.

The Breakout

Baylan and Shin break Morgan out of her prison cell, cutting down the New Republic soldiers. It should be known also, that the captain, Hayle, symbolises the arrogance of the New Republic. During this period, the Chancellor, Mon Mothma, had the military almost entirely dismantled. This comes up in a later episode, as seen in the trailer.

We first see Ahsoka searching a temple, where she finds a map sphere. We learn later that she might have tortured Elsbeth to discover its location. Assassin droids then corner her, but she can cut down a couple of them before the rest self-destruct.

Forced to run, Ahsoka is met by Professor Huyang, a droid thousands of years old and responsible for helping younglings construct their first lightsabers. This first episode also gives us a bit of an understanding of where the episode sits in the timeline.

Where Does The Show Begin In The Star Wars Timeline?

Let’s pause the review for a moment and establish where the beginning of the series sits in the timeline. It’s been up in the air where the story is placed for a while due to the confusion surrounding the Star Wars Rebels epilogue scene.

So, the first episode occurs after Ahsoka’s run-in with Din, Grogu, and Morgan in The Mandalorian Season 2 episode, The Jedi. The second episode ends with a live-action version of the Rebels epilogue scene with Sabine and Ahsoka going off to look for Ezra Bridger, supposedly.

Simply put, the search for Ezra doesn’t officially begin until 9ABY. Natasha Liu Bordizzo said previously that the series takes place during The Mandalorian season 3. Episode 3 will be about what happens after they leave Lothal on their mission.

Let’s get back to the central part of the review.

Hera Tries To Convince Ahsoka To Reach Out To Sabine

Ahsoka reunites with Hera, and they talk about the map. Ahsoka reveals that the map could lead them to Thrawn. Hera says Thrawn died during the Battle of Lothal when Ezra disappeared. Ahsoka reassures her that the map can help them find Thrawn and their missing friend.

Hera suggests that Ahsoka recruit Sabine as her ability with art is next level. Ahsoka tries to talk her way out of it, but Hera says Sabine will help if it means bringing Ezra home to them.

Did Sabine Have Feelings For Ezra?

It’s long been suggested that Sabine might have feelings for Ezra. In Rebels Season 1, we know he constantly flirted with her, and she would rebuff him. There is a debunk for the whole romantic subplot in the first episode of Ahsoka.

Sabine plays Ezra’s holo message that he left her before he disappeared, and he mentions that they grew up together and she’s like a “sister” to him. He would not be referring to her as his sister if he still had feelings for her.

Let’s go back to the review.

Sabine Is A No Show

On Lothal, Governor Ryder Azadi (played again by Clancy Brown) presents Sabine’s mural to the people of Lothal; only Sabine’s a no-show. Panicked, Azadi pushes Ezra’s friend and junior senator for Lothal Jai Kell out on stage to stall and orders some soldiers to go looking for her.

The soldiers find her, and she escapes them. Upon reunion with Azadi the next day, Sabine pretends to “forget” that the ceremony was the day before. She greets Ahsoka last after Ryder tells her that she will want to hear what her former mentor has to say.

Here, Ahsoka tells her she has a way of finding Ezra. Earlier in Sabine’s introduction, we see she has a pet Lothal cat. Be sure to check out the difference between them and Tookas.

Shin’s Attack

Morgan sends Shin to Lothal to hunt down Sabine, knowing Ahsoka will have gone there to give her the map.

On Ahsoka’s ship, Sabine and Ahsoka talk about the map, which leads to Sabine asking if she can keep the map to decipher it. Ahsoka tells her no. Huyang calls upon her and tells her that he has discovered the identity of one of the Force-sensitives who broke Morgan free, Baylan Skoll, meaning he was a Jedi at the same time Ahsoka was a Jedi.

Ahsoka attempts to tell Sabine but finds she’s disappeared and has taken the map. Frustrated, Ahsoka calls Hera to give her an update.

Hera says that Ahsoka and Sabine are too similar and references Anakin by saying she thinks Ahsoka gave her master a hard time. Ahsoka tells her that she walked away from Anakin as she did Sabine.

Back at the Comm Tower, Sabine can open the map, but before she can get any further, she is attacked by assassin droids. After taking those down, she grabs Ezra’s lightsaber and confronts Shin. As she does so, she calls Huyang, who alerts Ahsoka.

Sabine is outmatched as she hasn’t trained with the lightsaber in a few years. Shin runs her through and escapes.

Episode Two – Toil And Trouble – Review Part Two

We pick up in episode two with Sabine in a hospital bed. Ahsoka and Huyang found her before she could expire. In the room with them is a hologram of Hera. Sabine tells them that she could access the map but could not get a location as she was attacked before she could do so.

Ahsoka has an idea. She returns to the Comm Tower and takes down a lurking assassin droid. She removes the head and takes it to Sabine, who can access the memory. For those fans who have seen Rebels, Ahsoka gives Kanan and Ezra the head of an old Clone Wars-era tactical droid so they can find Rex, so this new scene is a homage to that.

Panicking Just A Little

Huyang panics because the head will explode if Sabine doesn’t work to get into the memory bank. However, Hera tells him not to worry. He tells her that she would say that as she’s a hologram.

Sabine learns through the droid’s memory that it is from Coreilla, Han Solo’s homeworld for those who might not know.

Ahsoka tells Sabine to stay put as she is recovering. Sabine knows Ahsoka is disappointed in her for taking the map. Hera tells Ahsoka she’ll meet her at the shipyard.

Chopper Throws A Fit

Upon realising that many shipyard workers are Imperial sympathisers, Ahsoka fights the Inquisitor, Marrok. At the same time, Hera takes the Phantom and Chopper to throw a tracker on the ship that they tried to stop.

Chopper complains that he can’t find the tracker amongst his stuff and accuses her of going through his stuff. He apologises (surprisingly) when he sees it, and it lands on the ship though Marrok gets away.

Sabine Pulls A Kanan

Upon her return to the Comm Tower, Sabine decides she wants to get back into her training and decides to cut her hair. This lines up with the Rebels scene with Ahsoka showing up.


The Ahsoka premiere was terrific! We found one tiny pacing issue at the start of the first episode, but other than that, it was easy to follow and causal viewers should be able to follow along. Also, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Natasha Liu Bordizzo are amazing as Hera and Sabine, respectively.

Finally, we’ll review Ryder Azadi and Jai Kell in different posts. We’ll also do a Q&A about the episodes. There is also a post on The Ghost Ship, so be on the lookout.

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