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Is Sabine In The First Episode Of Ahsoka?

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The first reactions are out for Ahsoka, and while they’re largely positive, we had one question: how much of a role does Sabine Wren have in the first episode? We know she’s in the second episode, but not much has been said about the first one.

According to the Ahsoka episode 1 Wookieepedia page, Sabine is not listed as being in the episode. However, this is not a complete character list, as the first two episodes have not been dropped to the public yet. Wren may pop up at the end of the first episode. Also, Natasha Liu Bordizzo‘s performance has been highly praised.

We know from the trailers for the Ahsoka series that Hera has to push Ahsoka in her quest to find Grand Admiral Thrawn, which ties to finding Ezra Bridger, who disappeared with him a decade earlier. We’ve spoken about before how the second trailer teases tension between Ahsoka and Sabine. Hera must know about it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t tell Ahsoka to talk with their friend.

The Sabine-Ahsoka Stuff Could Happen Happen In Episode 2

From the small things we’ve seen, Ahsoka may begin her titular series with Hera (and possibly young Jacen) before she is sent to find Sabine on Lothal, watching over the planet as she promised Ezra before he disappeared.

Until the show debuts, we cannot answer this question. However, we believe that there might be a chance that Sabine will be referenced, and then the second episode leads into her recruitment. It might even lead to her cutting her hair, as we’ve seen in the trailers.

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