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Is Sabine Wren Force Sensitive? – OPINION

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Since the second Ahsoka trailer, many Star Wars fans have asked; is Sabine Wren Force-Sensitive? As someone who has loved Star Wars for almost 20 years, I have very strong opinions on this topic, as I consider it. The short answer is sure she might be. But I believe she is NOT, and there are some valid pieces of evidence to back up my theory and many others.

Now, the first thing I wanted to go over is the line where Sabine almost mocks Ahsoka by calling her “Master.” This alone doesn’t prove anything. She could be humouring her former teacher to get her to issue a retort in response. I’ve covered Jedi lineages before, but Sabine is being taught by Ahsoka to use Ezra’s lightsaber. This, in a sense, qualifies her to be a part of the lineage Ahsoka was once a part of while she was a Jedi.

Moreover, Dave Filoni would not suddenly make one of his characters Force-sensitive who wasn’t initially. Comic Basics has pointed this out too. Sure, there are cases to argue that Sabine IS Force-sensitive. One example is a Reddit user saying that during Rebels Season 4, there were instances when Sabine should not have known certain things. Now, no one knows Filoni’s mind like he does.

A commenter on the linked Reddit post said that Sabine knew these things due to her expertise in art and weaponry. They even used the example of when people thought Finn would be a Jedi in The Force Awakens. The comments under this agree that Sabine isn’t Force-sensitive.

A scene from the trailer shows Sabine on the ground reaching out with a hand. Now, this doesn’t mean she is Force-sensitive. Shin says in the scene, which could easily be

Another point to this is Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka. They would have sensed if Sabine was Force-sensitive and bought it up. If there were one person who would’ve sensed it first, it would’ve been Kanan, as he knew her long before Ezra and Ahsoka. He wouldn’t have not said anything as it wasn’t in his nature. Also, wouldn’t the Inquisitors and Vader picked up on it in Season 2 if she were?

Other comments mention that her use of the darksaber is greater than Bo-Katan and Moff Gideon. Sabine was being trained in lightsaber combat by two Jedi, Kanan and Ahsoka, with assistance from Ezra as her sparring partner.

There have been characters in Star Wars who are Force-sensitive, but their midichlorian count is lower, making the individual harder to sense. One example is Leia Organa, and she’s been around Kanan and Ezra. They didn’t pick up on her Force-sensitivity. To be fair, they hadn’t time to dwell on this. Also, just because someone wields any lightsaber doesn’t mean they can use the Force. Remember during the Senate Hostage Crisis when Padmé uses Anakin’s lightsaber to free him? What about when Han uses Luke’s lightsaber to free them, R2-D2 and C-3PO from an Ewok trap? Does this make either of them Force-sensitive? No, it doesn’t.

Leia didn’t even know she was Force-sensitive until she was an adult when she was told by Luke that they were siblings and that their father is Darth Vader. Though, we know she used the Force subconsciously, as seen in Obi-Wan Kenobi when she reads her cousin’s thoughts. Later, she would sense Luke on Cloud City.

Finally, putting a massive reveal in a trailer would be pretty stupid. Also, Kanan explicitly tells Hera Sabine “doesn’t” have the Force. Why would he lie about that? Hera is one of the few people who can tell when Kanan lies.

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