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Who Is Jai Kell In Star Wars?

Jai Kell, Star Wars

The premiere of Ahsoka had a handful of cameos most fans weren’t expecting. We’ve already spoken about Ryder Azadi. However, in this post, we will discuss Senator Jai Kell. The character first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels episode Breaking Ranks. He was a Stormtrooper cadet alongside an undercover Ezra Bridger and Zare Leonis.

Jai Kell didn’t believe the Inquisitor existed and that he wanted a high rank in the Empire. Zare questions whether he has a family. Jai tells him that it’s just him and his mother. Leonis, who had long defected, was looking for his missing sister and questioned what Kell’s mother would think if she never saw her son again.

The boys then plan their escape from the training facility. After a few hiccups, the boys get out, but Zare remains to look for his sister.

Hera then organises Jai and his mother to hide from the Empire since he is now a wanted traitor.

Jai Kell appears again in Star Wars Rebels when Ezra and Ryder Azadi set a trap for Governor Pryce and have an active role.

Finally, a decade after Ezra’s disappearance in the Unknown Regions with Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jai serves as a senator for Lothal in the New Republic Senate. When Sabine fails to show up for the unveiling of her Spectres mural, Azadi orders Kell to keep the conversation going while Wren is found. We’ve also included Jai in our 15 questions from the Ahsoka premiere post.

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