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Who Plays Hera Syndulla In Star Wars?

Hera, Vanessa, Mary

She is everyone’s favourite Space mum. Hera Syndulla is the Ghost’s pilot and the group’s leader. Voiced by Vanessa Marshall in Star Wars Rebels, The Bad Batch, any associated LEGO project and the videogame Star Wars Squadrons, she is not one you want to mess with during a conflict. In Ahsoka, Hera will be played by Scott Pilgrim vs The World star Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

In Ahsoka, Hera will continue her duties as a General in the New Republic while fighting to have her voice heard when the threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn emerges. She will also be the mother of a preteen son, Jacen Syndulla, whose father, Kanan, died before his birth.

Vanessa introduced the audience to Hera’s maternal and warm nature while sprinkling in her fierceness, determination and sense of being the voice of reason.

Mary will continue where Vanessa left off while adding the same aspects and showing Hera in action with a blaster. The trailers show how Mary will continue the character’s legacy and be a voice of reason to those around her, including Ahsoka, while encouraging her to meet up with Sabine.

Hera Pushes Ahsoka To Do The Right Thing With Sabine

It’s clear from the trailer footage that Hera has to push Ahsoka, as, by the time we catch up with them, Tano and Sabine don’t have a great relationship because Ahsoka walked away from her like she had Anakin.

Hera has always been the force of reason for the Ghost crew and their friends, so her role in Ahsoka will be no different. We cannot wait to see how it plays out.

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