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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why And How The Bullying Probe Is A Double-Edged Sword

bullying probe

The verdict is out on the bullying probe involving Meghan Markle. The investigation into last year’s revelations of Meghan Markle’s tyranny during the eighteen months she was a royal has come to a close. Yahoo! Lifestyle reports that the outcome will be buried, and the result will not be released to the public. Nevertheless, the British Royal family are coping a beating as the hashtag: #RoyalFamilyLied is trending in various countries, including the US and Australia.

bullying probe

I don’t believe the royal family lied. However, I think there is more to this bullying probe than we see. I believe that there is a double-edged sword being used here. Therefore, a strategic plan to expose Meghan’s actions if she attempts to throw anyone within the institution under the bus any further. Moreover, this includes Harry if a divorce happens.

Meghan has already played dirty on several occasions. Just claiming that the royals were racist without releasing proof is one of her ploys. She made it even more of a battle when she threw accusations that her sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, made her cry during the leadup to the 2018 royal wedding.

Bullying Probe Is Giving Meghan Want She Doesn’t Want; Silence

The palace is playing the long game. I’ve heard this from many people I follow, and I agree. The bullying probe being put on a shelf isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing in disguise. It doesn’t mean that the royals made up the allegations. Also, it wasn’t the family that came forward with the claims; it was the staff who had worked with the Sussexes. The family only had to deal with the hiring process.

Moreover, the family’s last need is for more attacks to be lobbed at them from Montecito, California. The information is possibly being held for when a divorce gets announced. The Queen of America screams whatever lies about her toxic cesspool of a marriage. Now, I would like to take the time to point out here that Meghan claimed the institution silenced her during the Oprah interview. However, she gave speeches and was allowed to champion whatever causes she wanted.

By not releasing the findings of the bullying probe, the palace is giving Meghan the opposite of what she wants; drama. I’ve said in a previous post she’s like a succubus, feeding off the conflict. She cannot draw off something that isn’t there. I’m sure it kills her as she needs a narrative to drive her agenda.

The Palace Could Use The Bullying Probe Against Meghan

As I said above, Meghan is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If she continues to run her mouth, the palace won’t hesitate to expose her. She knows it, and so does Harry. The public is well aware that the couple’s place within the monarchy has been reduced to the second tier, alongside the Yorks and Princess Margaret’s children, David Armstrong-Jones, the second Earl of Snowden and Lady Sarah Chatto.

Meghan’s destruction trail has unravelled her case of an unfair and bigoted institution in a fireworks spectacle. Her push for “her truth” isn’t going to cut it anymore with Netflix. If a recent article is any indication, she and Harry have to explain why they were booed when they entered and exited Saint Paul’s during the Platinum Jubilee to Netflix.

It’s no secret that Meghan cannot stop talking. If there’s an important cause, she will not hesitate to jump on it even if she knows little to nothing about it. One example I can give is the Uvalde school shooting which she has no ties to whatsoever. Instead, she claims she went because “she’s a mother” and understood the grieving parents’ pain.

The palace is aware she is full of bollocks. So she will lie through her teeth to get out of trouble. As my friend Sue Smith points out in her new video, Meghan has never felt the need to take accountability for her mistakes because someone has always been there to bail her out. However, this time, the only person who can do that is Harry, and he does not know how to do that.

Should The Findings Be Released?

To conclude this piece, I wanted to voice my opinion on whether the findings from the bullying probe should be released. Yes, I believe they should, as I’ve seen people claim they want transparency. However, doing this causes a more significant problem. It will prompt the Sussexes to find a hole and make it bigger.

What I mean by this is that if the findings are not ironclad; they will use whatever loopholes they find to excuse Meghan’s alleged behaviour. This goes hand-in-hand with the story that came out, which Sue references in her video linked above, that Harry knew about the allegations against his wife and begged Jason Knauf not to say anything.

Finally, I wanted to mention that Peter Ford, an Australian Entertainment Reporter, pointed out that there would be problems for the witnesses from the Sussex Squad if their identities were made public.

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