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Diana, daughter
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There has been a longstanding RUMOUR that Diana, Princess of Wales, had a secret daughter that no one knew about. The Daily Mail, which debunked the story, mentions in a 2015 article that the American magazine Globe published the piece.

The article starts by saying that the ‘daughter’ of the late Princess of Wales and the now-King was born in 1981, the year before the heir to the throne, William, was born in June 1982. The woman, allegedly named Sarah, was born via IVF using the eggs of Diana and the sperm of Charles. The ‘child’ was (allegedly) born when a doctor used a fertilised embryo inside his wife when they were struggling to conceive a child.

Diana and Charles were married in July 1981. William was born 11 months later. The rumour continues, saying that in late 1980, The Queen had Diana undergo testing to ensure she was still a virgin and could conceive an heir for Charles, meaning this was when the eggs were allegedly taken. Also, the story claims that it was only after the tests were done that the engagement was announced.

Finally, the Globe story says that Catherine, who was then the Duchess of Cambridge, had a 44-minute conversation with this alleged daughter of Diana and Charles.

Diana, daughter
[Credit: Royal Family News]

Did I Believe That Diana And Charles Had A Daughter?

Now, before everyone gets upset, this is AGAIN just a RUMOUR. Personally, I don’t believe it. There are too many holes in the story. This is like the Archie DNA test all over again. I have been accused of publishing misinformation for this story despite it being stated it is a rumour. I never believed that narrative for a second, as there were too many holes.

The Diana/Charles having a daughter story has too many holes for it to be true. So, if this woman does exist, where is she? Why hasn’t she come out and said that her biological parents are Diana and Charles? There is no way that two parents can keep a secret like this from their child for almost forty years.

Also, wouldn’t the doctor have needed permission to use the material? Not to mention, he would be risking his medical licence. There are many questions that make this story even more fake. Finally, Catherine seems like a random choice for a ‘phone call’.

Not to mention, the rumour came out around the same time Catherine gave birth to Princess Charlotte. To add to it, the woman on the Globe cover (see above) is a photoshopped image of Diana with long hair.

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