Catherine, The Princess Of Wales And King Charles III Both Undergo Surgery

Catherine Charles

Catherine, The Princess of Wales, has been admitted to hospital for planned abdominal surgery, Kensington Palace has revealed, and a short time afterwards, it was revealed King Charles III would also be undergoing surgery, but for an enlarged prostate, as per information from the ABC and Buckingham Palace.

The Princess of Wales had the surgery, which was successful and will spend the next couple of weeks in hospital recovering before being allowed to return home for additional recovery time. The Kensington Palace statement says that Catherine will be out of action until after Easter.

King Charles III’s statement differed significantly from Catherine’s as he did not announce it on the Royal Family’s social media. He also had what he was being treated for an enlarged prostate. Given he is the King of England, information like this must be put out there. However, it is up to Catherine to decide whether she discloses what surgery she had done.

The palace, via the BBC, has also said that Catherine’s surgery was NOT cancer-related.

Catherine’s husband, Prince William, will take a few weeks off to help in his wife’s recovery and assist with their three children.

King Charles’ surgery is scheduled for next week.

We wish The Princess of Wales and the King a very speedy recovery.

Please Keep Your Speculation To Yourselves

Since the announcement of Catherine’s surgery, we’ve seen comments online about what she might’ve done. While there is nothing wrong with speculating, please respect Catherine’s privacy and don’t put your thoughts out there for the world to see.

We, too, have our thoughts, but we won’t advertise it. Please be respectful to all involved.

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