Why Some Danes Don’t Like Crown Princess Mary

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Crown Princess Mary might’ve been born in Australia, but she has raised much more awareness for her adopted home in Denmark. Upon marrying Crown Prince Frederik, she became the future Queen of the Danes. However, her late father-in-law, Prince Henrik wanted to be King but was told ‘No’ because he married the future monarch in then-Princess Margrethe.

However, some people don’t like Mary and want her to fail. With the drama going on with Frederik’s alleged affair, there are bound to be some Danes who are rubbing their hands together, hoping she falls on her face. The Danish royals have had some controversial moments in 2023. In January, Queen Margrethe II’s decree that the children of her youngest son, Prince Joachim would lose their Prince and Princess titles and they’d be given Count or Countess styling.

In April 2023, Australia’s Woman’s Day reported that some Danes blamed Mary for Joachim’s children losing their titles. Some even claim that the future Queen of Denmark had a hand in “kicking” Joachim, his wife Princess Marie and their blended family out of the country as they moved to the United States.

Crown Princess Mary Isn’t Controlling The Queen

Mary hasn’t got that much sway over Queen Margrethe’s decisions. Moreover, the monarch can decide what her youngest son is doing. Denmark is not Britain. Denmark is a small country. The United Kingdom, including Britain, is bigger, so they need more working royals.

Denmark only needs a few royals running around, and what can Joachim and Marie do when all the working royal positions are full? What does it have to do with Mary? Yes, she is in the limelight more than Marie, but she’s a working royal who will one day be queen. That’s like in Britain with Catherine and, say, Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh. Catherine is more important than her aunt-in-law, because of her status as William’s wife and as the future Queen.

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