How We Know That The Prince William/Rose Hanbury Affair NEVER Happened

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The Prince William and Rose Hanbury affair keeps rearing its ugly head because the Sussex Squad cannot let it go. So, with news that King Charles’ coronation pages being announced, as mentioned in Hello Magazine.

If an affair had happened, there is no way the Cholmondeleys would have had any part in royal events. Also, Charles would never blindside William like that. So, let’s go over some of these roles.

First up is Rose and her role as a patron at East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. This is also a charity that Catherine is a patron of. According to the Cambridge Network, in 2018, this was when the patronage of Lady Rose was announced.

If there were an affair going on between Rose and William, something would’ve come up by then. Also, Catherine had only given birth to Prince Louis a couple of weeks before this announcement was made public. Do you think Catherine would have wanted to be part of a charity her husband’s alleged mistress also backed?

Pippa Would Never Betray Her Sister And Rose And David Were Present At The Queen’s Funeral

Speaking of Catherine, her second niece, by her sister Pippa is named Rose.

Pippa and Catherine have always been incredibly close. There is no way Pippa would have named her second daughter the same name as William’s alleged mistress if the rumours were true.

Rose and David were both present at The Queen’s Funeral in September, as pointed out in New Idea.

Not to mention, David was recently promoted to Lord-in-waiting to King Charles.

In 2019, it was said by 7 News Australia that Prince William’s lawyers had threatened to sue over the affair rumours. Meanwhile, She Knows, an alleged Sussex-friendly publication, said there was an injunction. The reason She Knows even bought this up was due to a comment Prince Harry made about the palace “protecting” his brother but not him. However, some have suggested he was referring to the “affair.” Harry was trying to damage his brother’s reputation by alluding to something that might not have even happened.

Some might claim he launched legal action to protect his alleged mistress and reputation. However, do people stop to think this is just like when William sued a French tabloid for publishing naked photos of Catherine when they were on vacation? It’s the same thing. It’s an invasion of privacy, and it’s defamation.

Finally, we get to the most significant part of them all. Giles Coren, who is allegedly a Sussex groupie, admitted to making the affair rumour up while he was drunk. Also, there is no proof that an affair had even happened. Catherine and Rose could have had a falling out over anything if it even happened at all.

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