Crown Prince Frederik Of Denmark Accused Of Affair Due To Constant Rumours – Contrast To Prince William Affair Rumours

Crown Prince Frederik, Prince William

There is nothing worse than a royal man being caught up in a cheating scandal. It has happened to numerous monarchs over the years. King Juan Carlos of Spain was forced to abdicate the Spanish throne in favour of his son Felipe. King Albert II of Belgium was also ousted from the Belgian throne for a similar reason and replaced by his son. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has been caught with a woman who is not his wife, Crown Princess Mary. There been rumours for years that Frederik hasn’t always been fateful to Mary and a Spanish tabloid. However, this is in contrast to the affair rumours that have been swirling around Prince William in England for the last few years.

Prince William has NEVER gotten caught up in cheating on Catherine. Ever. The affair rumours only started when his sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, arrived. This is where we believe that the Prince of Pegging rumour started. There is also no evidence that an affair ever happened. Prince William and Rose Hanbury did threaten to sue over the rumours but chose not to.

Affair Rumours Have Been Swirling Around Crown Prince Frederik For Years

Rumours of Crown Prince Frederik cheating on his wife have existed since he and Mary married in 2004. We’ve been able to trace the rumours back to at least 2009 when there was a Royal Forum post about Fred’s ex-girlfriends.

The Royal News Network found a recent video of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary walking out of a building and Mary did NOT look happy.

[Credit: ChristinsQueen – Twitter]

A Big Difference Between Crown Prince Frederik’s Affair Rumours And The Ones Surrounding Prince William

Going over to the Prince William affair rumours likely started during a boozy lunch between Giles Coren, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and others at Soho House. Giles Coren is well-known for his controversial comments, and people take him at his word. Especially the Sussex Squad, who believe anything the Sussexes say, regardless if it’s true.

Here’s a few examples of Australian tabloid magazines and their stories on Crown Prince Frederik:

  • Margrethe’s harsh warning to Princess Mary: ‘Don’t let Fred turn into his dad!’ – New Idea
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