UPDATE On The Crown Prince Frederik Cheating Story – Crown Princess Mary Is Not Happy And Neither Is Queen Letizia

Princess Mary, Queen Letizia, Frederik

Crown Princess Mary is dealing with a lot right now. Not only did her eldest son, Prince Christian, turn 18, but her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, has been caught up in more affair rumours. The future Queen of Denmark was out on an engagement with the Spanish royals, King Felipe and Queen Letizia during their state visit to Denmark.

The Queen of Spain looked tense while Crown Princess Mary attempted to put on a brave face. This post has some updates on the aftermath of the story being blown out into the open. Also, we wanted to address a few things we didn’t cover in the previous post.

What We Didn’t Say In The Previous Crown Prince Frederik Post

We forgot to mention that Crown Prince Frederik was seen walking out of Genoveva Casanova’s apartment after spending the night there. Also, being a royal, he should know better to walk around with a woman who is not his wife. His children will be seeing these stories coming out about their father and it will be hard on them and their mother if the rumours are true. Also, Princess Mary wasn’t in the country when this was going on. Frederik was in Madrid, Spain in a private capacity.

However, if it does come down to divorce, Princess Mary will have to give rights to her children. She may also have to remain in Denmark because when she Frederik married, she had to give up her Australian citizenship in exchange for a Danish one. Whether it will come down to that, we don’t know and we’ll give updates if it comes to it.

Also, a little bit of background on Genoveva Casanova, she was once the daughter-in-law of the late Duchess of Alba. She has had a lot of romantic partners over the years. Interestingly, she had an acting role in Goya’s Ghosts, starring Natalie Portman.

We also mentioned that Genoveva is looking at launching legal action against the Spanish tabloid who published the pictures of her and Frederik.

The Tension Between Crown Princess Mary And Crown Prince Frederik

As we expressed in the last post we did on the Crown Prince Frederik alleged cheating scandal, footage emerged of the Crown Prince and Princess walking out of a building and Mary looked like she did not want her husband touching her when he tapped her shoulder. She would not look at him either.

The tension continued at Copenhagen’s Centre for Danish Architecture where the Danish Crown Princely couple and Queen Letizia and King Felipe were doing everything they could to make it look like nothing was wrong. Princess Mary looked like she wanted to cry, but she held it together.

There is likely more to come in this story, so stay tuned.

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