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Who Is The Dragon In Shrek?

Dragon, Shrek

The Lady Dragon in the Shrek films was an exciting twist on an old tale of fairytale creatures. First seen as the guardian of Princess Fiona’s tower, she later married or mated with the beloved best friend of Shrek, Donkey. Unfortunately, she was out of the picture during most of the second film.

In the first half few minutes of Shrek 2, Donkey tells newly married Shrek and Fiona that his wife is moody and that he wants to move back in with them. Naturally, this annoys Shrek, who wants alone time with his new wife. However, during the post-credit scene, Donkey learns why Dragon is so moody. She was pregnant with mutant baby donkeys, the Dronkeys.

One of the best things about Dragon is that she is a devoted mother and mate and is more than just a scary creature that ate Lord Farquaad. No, she is a part of the extended family that Shrek and Donkey created with Fiona and their friends in Far, Far Away.

Not A Dragon Stereotype

She is also the perfect reminder that dragons being scary is just a standard stereotype and that the twist was necessary. Also, it is hilarious that her mother’s name is Debbie and that she and Donkey named one of their daughters after her mother.

The funny reason is that their children were named after food, primarily desserts, but only one was named something normal. Perhaps Dragon had no say in what the kids were called. Maybe she likes dessert too. Who knows but it was something fun to see.

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