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Bold And The Beautiful: WTF Did I Just Watch? Please Tell Me It’s A Bad Dream


The Bold and the Beautiful is well-known for its horrible storylines and lack of plot twists – This has to be a bad dream. Just when the “Sheila being obsessed with Finn and Hayes storyline” started getting angsty, they threw a curveball. Sheila shoots and likely kills Finn by accident. Moreover, this is the “twist” they’ve talked about for a while.

As I said before, could this be a bad dream, and I’m not waking up from it? I need to ask also if Finn got written in to be killed off by Sheila. Why give Steffy a new love interest and kill him less than two years later? Could it have been a way to divert from the whole love triangle with Hope and Liam before going back to it? Again, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Plot twists no longer give me any form of enjoyment. The last one that shocked me was when Sally Fletcher was stabbed on Home and Away during a Season finale. We had to wait six to eight weeks before knowing if she lived or died. Ultimately, this was in the days before social media became a big deal and ruined everything.

Is Finn Dead?

The first question I wanted to ask is if Finn is dead. We’d have to say “yes.” The reason we say this is because the cast and crew have said there’s a twist coming. We got that in the most unexpected way possible. When it happened, I cannot say I was shocked. I didn’t see Sheila shooting Finn. But, then, there were signs. I didn’t see the signs. Frankly, it doesn’t matter. It felt like one massive dream and not one of those fun ones where there was a happy ending. No, it was one that didn’t make sense.

Did Tanner Novlan want out of the show? I have no idea. As of writing, he hasn’t put anything on Instagram or Twitter to acknowledge any form of departure. My mum, who also watches the soap, put out an interesting theory. Her idea is that Finn is shot, as we saw, but he lives and pretends to be dead to get Sheila out of their lives. It’s a good theory. Though, I don’t think the writers would go down that route.

The reason I don’t think they’d fake a character’s death is that they may want to learn from the mistakes of the past. Taylor has died twice on the show and come back. Why can’t that be the case with Finn? Unfortunately, it will go in that direction as Bold and the Beautiful is predictable.

What’s Going To Happen Next?

The story will probably shift away from the drama with Brooke and Ridge and go down the “rally around Steffy” storyline as she mourns her husband. However, we know from spoilers that Li, Finn’s legal/adoptive mother, returns, and she rips into Sheila.

Also, Deacon happens across the scene in the alley behind the restaurant.

Just a side note here. In soapland, a whole week of episodes can be only a few minutes/hours/days in the story. Sometimes, it will jump ahead weeks or months ahead.

Going back to the situation, we need to go back over some of the other situations we’ve read that will unfold.

So, according to the spoilers @hopebethspencer posted on Instagram, Sheila will keep her killing of her son to herself. However, we don’t see how that’ll work, as Steffy was present for the whole thing. Given Li is returning, as mentioned, it’s possible that Sheila forces Steffy’s hand and orders her to lie to her true mother-in-law. I’ve said before that Sheila is not Finn’s mother. Li is.

Also, the aforementioned @hopebethspencer Instagram account posted spoilers for the week starting on April 11. It says something interesting. Sheila gets what she always wanted. I assume this is “acceptance” or the fantasy life she has always dreamed of having with the Forresters. Whatever the case, it’s going to be creepy to see. Though, we don’t think this will be where Steffy and Thomas willingly push their dad back to Brooke.

How Long Will Sheila’s Dream Last?

Sheila has several children with different men. So, isn’t she calling the kettle black when she called Brooke “a slut”? Whatever. Depending on what plays out, we’re wondering if her dream is getting her hands on Hayes. She can no longer twist Finn’s arm (so we think). The only person standing in her way is Hayes’ mother, Steffy.

I have my fingers crossed that Li puts Sheila in her place and tells her outright that her dangerous behaviour is what got Finn killed. It will be the ultimate mother v. mother conflict.

What will surely annoy Li is Sheila referring to herself as Finn’s mother. She’s not. Furthermore, this was bought up by Ridge and Taylor recently. Sheila gave birth to Finn, sure. But that doesn’t give her the right or the authority to refer to herself as his mother. She didn’t raise him. Li raised him. I cannot make that clear enough.

I want to give kudos to Kimberlin for being such a badass. We love you! We cannot wait to see Sheila’s mother complex unravel. Finally, will Li have a plan to fight Sheila if she needs to? Also, will a certain death make the psycho unravel further?

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