Ghosts: Will Jay See The Ghosts In Season 2?

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Will Jay see Sam’s ghost friends? What a fantastic first season CBS’ Ghosts had! The show was an instant hit for the network, and we’re about to be blessed with a second season. But unfortunately, the way the finale ended has us questioning whether Sam’s husband, Jay, will get to see the spirits his wife spent the first season talking to.

During Season One, Jay often had to have Sam translate for him as he couldn’t see or hear the ghosts outside of Trevor writing on the foggy bathroom mirror. He formed a close bond with Pete, whom he connected with due to their love of sports. Also, the original lady of the house, Hetty, possessed him, which is how they met.

During the finale, Mark the Handyman told Sam and Jay that their basement had a termite problem. The floor gives way under the couple after meeting their first guests at their newly opened B&B.

Sam is okay, but Jay doesn’t move, and his leg appears broken. Unfortunately, the episode ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger, so we don’t know what Jay’s condition is. Though given this is a sitcom, not a drama, we assume he’ll live.

How Sam Came To Commune With The Ghosts And How It Could Relate To Jay

To understand how Jay might be able to talk to the ghosts, we need to discuss how Sam can.

So, in the series premiere, Sam accidentally falls down the stairs after Trevor uses his power to knock a vase off a table.

Sam ends up in a coma and then is declared dead for three minutes before she is revived. According to a ghost doctor, because how close she came to death that it gave her “the ability to see dead people.” Unfortunately, the skill is rare and doesn’t happen too often.

If this is the direction the writers want to take, Jay, we’re all for it.

Watch the first season of the US version of Ghosts on Paramount+. Season 2 is coming soon.

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