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How Meghan Has Twisted Harry’s Life


The Sussex Squad will see this piece as fiction. But it is not. Just images of Prince Harry show how deep his unhappiness goes. Meanwhile, he and Meghan put PR puff pieces about how in love they are and that they will renew their vows as per Marie Claire. So it’s a rumour at best. Do I believe it? No. I don’t. It is just a twisted exercise to be seen as “important.” We all know that Meghan is a liar. Harry fell for everything she told him, just like her first husband, Trevor Engelson, did.

If Tom Bower’s new memoir, Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the war between the Windsors, has confirmed anything, it’s that the Megxiteer community was right about many things. The former Suits actress was unsuccessful in Hollywood, despite what the media says. She twisted her life so much that we have to assume everything was a lie every time she opens her mouth. It’s the Chicken Little effect. But then, no one believes her when she tells the actual truth.

This post isn’t about Meghan, but how she has influenced and twisted Harry into a man that even Prince William would not forgive. She also doesn’t care about people like Tyler Perry’s employees, who she allegedly bullied. Though, it appears this has been debunked by Tyler Perry himself.

The Twisted Narrative

So, Meghan’s twisted narrative is that she was racially vilified when no one knew she was biracial. As Tom Bower mentions, people she went to school with the thought she was Italian. She never corrected them.

As time has passed, she has forced a narrative upon Harry that he still believes. I believe she doesn’t keep track of the lies she tells. How do I know this? Look no further than the Oprah Interview. Their stories were not consistent regarding the “racist” comments surrounding Archie. She claims there were multiple conversations while she was pregnant. Harry said there was one conversation before they were married.

I’m inclined to believe him over her. Tom Bower seems to agree with this as he said one of the stories that came out was that Camilla had made a joke about how any child he has could have a ginger afro. He laughed at the joke and told Meghan, who got upset and claimed “racism.”

Meghan wants Harry under her thumb, and she will use his weak points, which happen to be his mental health and his mother’s death. As Bower confirmed, she watched Diana’s wedding to Charles on video with a childhood friend. Later, she watched the Princess of Wales’s funeral and saw her future husband as a young boy behind the gun carriage.

Harry’s Desperation Was Twisted In Most Disciple Way Possible

Harry’s jealousy of William shines through more now than ever. The Body Language Guy mentioned it in his latest video after the Duke of Sussex was spotted in Africa. But, of course, William knew what he wanted. When he and Catherine were younger, they went to parties but were never caught in compromising situations.

The paparazzi stalked Catherine for years. Meghan used this to her advantage to make it look like she was a victim of the press, knowing it would enrage Harry. She then used the Oprah interview to make out that Kate’s experience wasn’t as bad as hers. Unfortunately, though, she missed one small thing. There is no evidence of her being stalked. All the photos that were taken by paps that she paid. She has a pattern.

Harry wanted what William did with a happy marriage and children. So he chose the first woman who said yes, regardless if he knew her properly. But unfortunately, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas couldn’t deal with his man-child ways, so they both turned him down.

The Children

I don’t like involving the children in Harry and Meghan’s crap. However, as I’ve said before, they will grow to resent their parents. As sad as that is to say, it’s more accurate now than it’s ever going to be. Moreover, they will not understand why the public will not be able to connect with them.

Will they learn from their mother’s bad behaviour when she was a child? What about their father’s racist tendencies? Something tells them that they will be confused.

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