Stargirl: What The HELL Is Going On With Cindy?

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Are we about to get a dragon queen? Moving away from the Camney kiss in our last post, there was something unexpected going on with Cindy during this week’s Stargirl episode. While we don’t see everything, it has been apparent from the premiere episode that something strange is happening with our favourite reformed psycho.

First, Cindy is the first person at the crime scene of the Gambler’s murder. Then, it was revealed she had his laptop and could unlock some of the information and send it to Beth to implicate the Crocks. She also went looking for intel about her dad, Dragon King, but could not access the information. Also, we have the purple potion she was drinking in episode two, ‘The Suspects.’

So, what exactly is happening here? Is she trying to prevent herself from becoming Dragon Queen? Is she deliberately turning herself into a version of her father? Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear answer, at least not yet.

Yolanda has said that Cindy is a walking science experiment, and she’s right. Dragon King experimented on his child and made her into an unstoppable killing machine. We have to recall the accidental killing of her mother, Suzanne, when she flew into a rage as a child. As far as we know, she feels guilty about this, but that’s not what Cameron alluded to when she attempted to recruit him for Injustice Unlimited.

The Clues To Cindy Going From Shiv To Dragon Queen

According to what Cameron throws back at her, she claimed she never liked her mother and was glad she was dead. This was back when they were in the fourth grade. Beth even mentions to Courtney in Season One that Burman became the scariest kid in the fourth grade after Suzanne’s death.

So, what could the overall case be? Well, if we’re honest, it could be one or the other or even a bit.

If we go over what Yolanda says, Dragon King did experiment quite a bit on Cindy, which is why she is Shivs (or Shiv now) in her wrists. She can also regenerate her skin when she is injured in a fight.

We didn’t realise until we were looking for images for this post that she had bandages on her arms in the same episode where she was drinking the purple potion. It would explain why she is always wearing long sleeves. Since she is developing reptile scales, it makes sense that she would cover them up in whatever way she could. She also had the same reptile eyes her dad had.

Preventing The Rise Of Dragon Queen?

The potion could be a way of slowing the process of the scales. But, if Dragon King did something to her to turn her into Dragon Queen, why is she suddenly coming into this now? This is different from what is happening with Cameron, whose powers were inherited from his father’s family.

Finally, another possibility is she could transform into a reptile beast but not have any memory of what she’s done. Consider it like the Hulk and Bruce Banner. Some of the time, Bruce has no recollection of what he did as Hulk as his big green pal is a separate personality. So, say she did kill The Gambler. She would have done it as her alternate self but have no memory of it.

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