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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Does Meghan Markle Have Ties To NXIVM?


Did Meghan Markle have ties to the sex cult NXIVM? It would appear she might have. This is not confirmed, by any means, though it shows that Meghan knows many more people than she wants the public to know about. So, according to the forum Tattle Life, a Twitter user found an old tweet dating back to 2014, two years before the Suits actress met her idiot prince.

It was from Hannah Bronfman, whose aunts Clare and Sara Bronfman were caught up in the NXIVM sex cult. Clare was a funder and leader of the group, who had been bought into NXIVM by Sara.

Clare is currently in prison for conspiracy to make money off illegal trafficking in the NXIVM sex trafficking case.

But let’s go back a bit. What does this have to do with Meghan Markle?

Let me explain.

The tweet says the following:

[Credit: @kennn21710790 -Twitter]

Yes, I know the dance class might not seem nefarious, but for lack of a better term, the connection that Hannah has, directly or indirectly, to NXIVM is concerning. Did Meghan know who Hannah’s family was? Most likely. It would’ve depended on how close Hannah was to her family at the time.

I Do NOT Believe Meghan Was Part Of NXIVM

In conclusion, as far as I can tell, Meghan and Hannah have no contact now. She hasn’t come up in any docuseries or anything. Also, I want to stress that I do NOT believe that Meghan was in NXIVM. Did she know about it? Likely, but there were a lot of people who did.

An example is Cecelia Peck, who knew about the group as someone tried to recruit her. But she never responded to the emails. The recruiter emailed her back a year later and apologised for trying to recruit her.

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