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The Search Continues For Jesse Baird And Luke Davies’ Bodies While More Comes Out About Their Alleged Killer Beau Lamarre-Condon

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As Beau Lamarre-Condon sits in a holding cell, the race continues in the search for the bodies of his ex-boyfriend, Jesse Baird and his partner, Luke Davies. The information about the disgraced cop is surfacing and it does not paint him in a good light.

According to Sky News, Beau Lamarre-Condon sent fake texts from Jesse Baird’s phone to make it appear he was still alive. There were two messages sent to throw the police of the scent. Police allege that Baird and Davies were murdered between the early hours of February 19 and the later hours of the same day.

Lamarre-Condon refuses to cooperate with the investigation and will not reveal where he dumped the bodies. According to reports, the texts claimed Jesse was moving to Perth and was “kicked out” of the apartment he shared with two roommates. Initially, it was said that Jesse’s furniture would be shipped across the country. But there was a backtrack where the roommates were told to dump the furniture on the street.

After the relationship ended in December 2023, Jesse Baird’s friends were concerned about Beau Lamarre-Condon’s behaviour. Baird told people he was concerned that he was being stalked.

The alleged killer cop was a celebrity blogger who would attend a ton of red carpets, beginning at 16. He later ended up at the Golden Globes at 19 and was notorious for getting selfies with celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Selena Gomez.

The Mourning Of Jesse Baird And Luke Davies

In the aftermath of the deaths being announced, Jesse Baird’s former colleagues at Channel 10 came out in droves to mourn his loss. Angela Bishop, Daniel Doody and Narelda Jacobs all struggled to get their words out when they spoke about the loss of their coworker and friend and his partner.

During a live news broadcast, Narelda Jacobs had difficulty announcing the deaths on air.

Even Abbie Chatfield, who had met Jesse at a networking event after her stint on The Bachelor ended. She said that he was her first friend at Channel 10. Also, reporters Hugh Riminton and Lachlan Kennedy posted tributes on Twitter.

Jesse’s cousin also posted a tribute to his late relative.

A Likely Motive

It is believed that Beau Lamarre-Condon was obsessed with Jesse Baird. He allegedly used his police issue gun to kill him and Luke Davies. According to MSN, the alleged double murderer stored the weapon in storage at a nearby police station.

Lamarre-Condon made national news not long after joining the police force. He was caught on camera tasering a man excessively. The police later cleared him and the man was charged.

Finally, the investigation into Jesse Baird and Luke Davies’ deaths will likely focus on Beau Lamarre-Condon’s relationship with the television presenter.

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