Stargirl THEORY: Could There Be A Love Triangle Revolving Around Beth, Rick, And Jesse Quick?

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We might not have Jesse Quick on Stargirl just yet but if we do, could it become a love triangle between her, Rick, and Beth?

We’re still pretty far out from getting promo material for Stargirl Season 2. Though, this isn’t going to stop us from speculating what is to come. Now, what we’re going to be talking about won’t happen in the upcoming season. It mightn’t happen at all but it would be nice if it did. We’re talking about a love triangle. Yeah, we got half of one in Season 1 between Pat, Barbara, and Jordan but what if sometime down the track we get another one? Who could it be with, though?

We’d have to say between Beth, Rick, and Jesse Quick. Now, for those who are probably going to scream, “Jesse Quick isn’t in the show”, just bear with us as we explain.

Yes, we know Jesse Quick isn’t in the show, though she might be in the future if fans get their way. Also, there is a comics aspect that Geoff Johns may not ignore. Trust us, there’s a reason why we’re bringing this up.

In the comics, Rick Tyler ends up marrying Jesse Quick and they have a son together, Johnny, named after his maternal grandfather, Johnny Quick. He also had a close bond with Beth Chapel. It is unclear at this point in the Stargirl narrative if Hournite will become an actual thing. Though, it is nice to think it will.

We also don’t know if Jessie Quick will join the JSA at any point. While it’s a possibility for later seasons, it can’t be ignored totally.

How Could A Love Triangle Affect The Current Dynamic of The JSA?

Let’s say for the sake of argument that Jesse Quick does come into the story and Hournite becomes a thing. How could the dynamic affect the already existing JSA? If we’re honest, it would be god damn awkward. We’re not talking Whitmore-Dugan-Mahkent family dinner awkwardness. We’re talking team dynamic awkwardness.

We’ve seen how much close Rick, Beth, Yolanda, and Courtney have become. If Hournite does happen, and Jesse Quick is introduced as a rival, then things could get weird really quickly.

Rick has come to see the Whitmore-Dugans, Beth, and Yolanda as his true family. They’ve had his back and love him like a family should.

Of everyone, he’s closest to Beth as she is the one that balances out his impulsive behaviour. If Jesse Quick is introduced as a love interest for him the it’s going to be incredibly awkward for the rest of the team. Courtney and Yolanda won’t be able to pick sides without upsetting someone.

Pat will probably tell the girls to stay out of it unless they’re asked to get involved. Maybe Barbara says something else and encourage them to get involved despite what her husband says.

How Would They Introduce Jesse Quick?

Given that a love triangle would shake a lot of things up in Blue Valley, they could have Jesse come into the show as a new student at Blue Valley High. This would catch Rick’s attention and it would likely push buttons with Beth which might raise alarm bells with Courtney and Yolanda.

This might even cause a rift in the group and may prompt Rick and Beth to stop talking to each other.

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