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Jesse Baird And His Partner Luke Davies Have Disappeared

Jesse Baird, Luke Davies

Former Channel 10 red carpet reporter Jesse Baird and his flight attendant partner, Luke Davies, have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The story broke in the Daily Mail before the news broke across all television and print outlets.

Jesse Baird had just ended his time at Channel 10 and was about to head to Perth. As the hours ticked past, details came out about the crime. The disappearances were triggered when bloodied clothing along with wallets, credit cards, a watch worth $8k and a set of keys were found by a groundskeeper in a Skip Bin in Cronulla, some 30km from Paddington, the suburb where Baird was residing.

Luke Davies’ family could not reach him and raised the alarm while the AFL grew concerned when Jesse Baird didn’t show up to umpire an AFL game. It has emerged that a third party might’ve been involved as a white van was seen leaving the Paddington premises. The couple hasn’t been seen since Monday and were reported missing on Tuesday. There were signs, alongside the blood, of a struggle.

The Stalker

Baird is believed to have been stalked by an ex. Channel 9 was given the impression that due to the amount of blood found, either Jesse or Luke are dead. Also, Beau Lamarre has handed himself into the police concerning the disappearances. According to Channel 10 reporter Hugh Riminton, Lamarre has been arrested. According to an ABC report, Lamarre in the investigation. they also mentioned how Jesse had expressed worries of being stalked, backing up the Channel 9 report. The ABC also confirmed that the police officer did date Baird.

A Balmain home was raided in the late hours of February 22nd, where items were seized as the police tried to determine what happened to Jesse Baird and Luke Davies. Davies’ home was also searched, but there was no trace of the couple.

Though the home of Lamarre’s mother was raided and items were taken, it is unclear what was taken.

Another report by Channel 10’s Hugh Riminton reveals that Jesse Baird had ended the relationship with Lamarre due to troubling behaviour and that the police officer took the break-up hard.

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