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The Actors Behind Chiron In The Percy Jackson Movies

Chiron appeared in both Percy Jackson movies, The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters. In each film, he looked very different because he was played by two different actors; Pierce Brosnan and Anthony Head.

In this post, we will talk a little about Chiron and his role in each Percy Jackson movie and the actors behind the character.

Pierce Brosnan

First up, we have Pierce Brosnan in The Lightning Thief. Chiron was watching Percy during his time at school and had to push him to embrace his heritage as a demigod.

Pierce Brosnan is best known for playing James Bond. He has also appeared in the Mamma Mia! movies as Sam Carmichael. He has also appeared in The Quest for Camelot, Mrs Doubtfire, and Remember Me with Robert Pattinson.

He has been married twice and widowed once upon the death of his first wife, Cassandra Harris. Brosnan has five children and four grandchildren. His two youngest children with his second wife were name-dropped in The Lightning Thief before the Capture the Flag sequence.

Anthony Head

Anthony Head is the second actor to play Chiron in a Percy Jackson movie. In The Sea of Monsters film, Chiron doesn’t have much of a role. His horse end also looks closer to his book counterpart. Anyway, he also agrees to allow Annabeth, Percy and Tyson to go looking for Grover who has gone missing.

Two of Anthony Head’s best-known roles are in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Rupert Giles and in Merlin as King Uther Pendragon.

He has been in a relationship with Sarah Fisher for many years, and they have two daughters, Emily and Daisy, who are both actresses. Anthony is also a musician. He has also appeared in Silent Witness and has provided voice work for the animated series Fillmore and various videogames.

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